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What are some expected changes in the tourism industry?


While travelling remains a distant dream for now, our little red dot has much to offer. Mr Keith Tan, chief executive of the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), hopes Singaporeans will venture beyond familiar attractions to explore hidden gems or new itineraries.

As the focus shifts towards domestic tourism, players who offer innovative options such as guided neighbourhood tours, boat trips and virtual tours have emerged. In the askST@NLB video podcast, Mr Tan told Straits Times travel correspondent Clara Lock about other changes that will reshape Singapore's tourism industry.

For instance, operators are adopting stringent cleanliness and hygiene standards as the norm. As of Oct 30 last year, the National Environment Agency, Singapore Food Agency, Enterprise Singapore and STB have awarded some 1,300 tourism enterprises with the SG Clean Quality certificate. This recognises exemplary hygiene and sanitation practices. As the capacity restrictions persist, these activities could provide exclusive opportunities for and be carried out during off-peak hours for crowd control.

Examples include glamping at Changi Airport's Jewel and even informative tours held at funeral parlours for participants to learn about the embalming process.

To support such efforts that encourage Singaporeans to go off the beaten track, STB will be helping smaller tourism enterprises in aspects such as content creation and marketing. Planning your next holiday? Look no further than our own backyard!

Want to make the most of your SingapoRediscover vouchers? Check out these e-resources for some cool ideas.

1. Photographic Guide to the Birds of Malaysia & Singapore (2014)

By Morten Strange

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A perfect resource for bird watchers and shutterbugs, learn about the characteristics of over 660 bird species as well as when and where to spot them. There is only one thing left to do: get your camera ready!

2. In Singapore (2013)

By Marianne Rogerson

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If you are out of ideas for a Singapoliday, let this book do the work for you. Featuring 60 activities you can do in Singapore such as whizzing down a hill in a cart and going back in time at the historical site, Labrador Park, you might be torn over where to explore first! In Singapore also offers helpful tips such as travel notes like ticket prices, opening hours and street directions.

3. Singapore Street Names (2013)

By Victor R. Savage and Brenda S. A. Yeoh

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Interesting stories intertwined with our nation's history that lie right under our noses - ever wondered how Waterloo Street got its name? Who is Holland Road named after? What are some early stories behind Jalan Besar? Find out the intriguing answers to all these and more within Singapore Street Names.

4. Pocket Singapore Travel Guide (2015)

By Lonely Planet

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Choose your own adventure with this comprehensive guide, which offers interesting curated itineraries that will may lead you to view places like Tiong Bahru and Little India in a different light.

As you embark on an enthralling journey in the hipster neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru or immerse yourself in the delightfully vibrant Little India, let this guide help you with everything - from exploring hidden hunts to must-try food recommendations including laksa, steamboat, and more!

5. Seven Hundred Years: A History of Singapore (2019)

By Kwa Chong Guan, Derek Heng, Peter Borschberg, Tan Tai Yong

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If you are looking to expand and enrich your understanding of Singapore, this is the perfect book for you. Written from the perspective of four historians, Seven Hundred Years: A History of Singapore unveils scenes and facts of early Singapore that may surprise you. With over 200 artefacts, they re-evaluate Singapore's beginnings, even going back as far as the pre-fishing-village-days.

6. Tides of change : the Singapore river trail (2004)

By National Heritage Board

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Cruise through sites from Sir Stamford Raffles' (alleged) landing spot to the Elgin Bridge, the first permanent bridge across the Singapore River. This title explores the source of Singapore's history and embarks on an exhilarating journey back in time.

7. Your Passport to the Jalan Kayu trail (2007)

By Pei Hua Secondary School

E-book available at:

Beyond its prized eateries that serve a multitude of delectable dishes, Jalan Kayu has far more to offer. In this trail published by Pei Hua Secondary School, get ready to rediscover the neighbourhood through places like mainland Singapore's last kampong and even an animal resort that houses various species of fowl and fuzzy friends!

8. TreeTop Trail @ MacRitchie (2005)

By National Parks Board

E-book available at:

Away from the concrete jungle, take a break amongst the lush verdant foliage of MacRitchie. Providing up to six hiking routes for you to choose from, TreeTop Trail @ MacRitchie also acts as a personal guide on the flora and fauna within the area. From dangling purple flowers that resemble bells to the Spiny Hill Terrapins that look like walking durians, you might be surprised at what you can find!

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