Bigger, brighter and more affordable: How you can own a quality diamond at a lower price

SK Jewellery’s AllStar Diamond is a sparkling example of why you should consider lab-grown diamonds for your next piece of bling

You'd be surprised at how luxurious lab-grown diamonds can be. PHOTO: SK JEWELLERY

Not all diamonds are created equally. Some emerge from mines with nary a flaw, while others come in luminous shades of yellow, pink or purple. But did you know diamonds can also be cultivated in a lab? That’s not to say the diamonds are man-made, though. These lab-grown diamonds are developed from the same carbon seed crystal as mined diamonds, and are every bit as brilliant. 

When it comes to lab-grown diamonds in Singapore, SK Jewellery was an early adopter of the technology and has been leading the pack since 2019. Now, it has upped the ante with yet another stellar offering: the AllStar Diamond.

A Star Amongst Diamonds

A patented cut exclusively available at SK Jewellery, the AllStar Diamond is the first lab-grown diamond cut with 101 facets, creating the distinctive appearance of 10 hearts and 10 arrows. A trio of stars is also visible in the heart of the diamond, contributing to its astral beauty. 

On average, the AllStar Diamond requires thrice the amount of time for craftsmen to cut, resulting in a stone that is marked with an assurance of timeless quality. Compared to the traditional 57-facet diamond, the AllStar Diamond shines even brighter.

The meticulous craftsmanship that goes into sculpting an AllStar Diamond results in its brilliant shine. PHOTO: SK JEWELLERY

Of course, friends are going to notice the extra sparkle on your finger at the next coffee session. And why wouldn’t they? Light leakage from the AllStar Diamond is almost negated, and it has the highest rating of three stars on the Sarine Light Performance Report, an internationally recognised diamond-grading system. This means your AllStar Diamond is as bright and brilliant as they come.

That’s not all. The AllStar Diamond also holds a rarely-received Type IIA CVD Diamond rating – commonly afforded to only 2 per cent of mined diamonds emerging from the ground. These diamonds are prized for their near-perfect purity, and their colourless or near-colourless properties. 

While it costs less than a mined diamond, SK Jewellery's AllStar Diamond offers an even brighter sparkle. PHOTO: SK JEWELLERY

Luxury Made Affordable For You

With all its stellar features, you would expect the AllStar Diamond to be priced out of reach for most people. After all, everything else seems to be increasing in price these days. It is surprising, then, that the AllStar Diamond actually costs less than a mined diamond. In other words, you get the same degree of luxury at a fraction of the cost, making it a truly great value proposition. 

Thanks to the accessibility of lab-grown diamonds, it’s little wonder that a 2018 study by market researchers MVI Marketing reported nearly 70 per cent of millennials are considering acquiring a lab-grown diamond.

Even amongst the SK Jewellery family of diamonds, the AllStar Diamond will cost about 50 per cent less than mined diamonds, making it a suitable option for jewellery aficionados who want to own a beautiful diamond without having to worry about the price tag.

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To be sure, lab-grown diamonds are diamonds – whether you’re comparing physical structure, chemical make up or optical appearance. 

Where natural diamonds are formed through hundreds of years in the earth, lab-grown diamonds follow the same formation procedure, albeit in a controlled environment that cuts the formation time down drastically. Using the same diamond rough as mined diamonds, the main difference between lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds is the duration it takes for a fully formed rock. 

In essence, every lab-grown AllStar Diamond that you slip on is the real deal in every way and form, and just as luxurious as a diamond extracted from a natural mine. 

Enduring quality and style

With the exceptional AllStar Diamond in its stable, SK Jewellery has employed a series of elegant designs, all of which highlight the beauty and brilliance of the diamond.

The Signature AllStar Diamond Ring is an enduring classic that will shine at every occasion. PHOTO: SK JEWELLERY

Fans of a timeless cut will delight in The Signature AllStar Diamond Ring, where a five-prong setting holds the gorgeous gem in place on a classic white gold band. For a more elegant option, The Pirouette AllStar Diamond Ring sees swooping lines form the ring’s band, like a ballerina’s twirl. 

For added sparkle, The Signature II AllStar Diamond Ring (left) adds a row of pavé diamonds on the band. PHOTO: SK JEWELLERY

Then there’s The Signature II AllStar Diamond Ring, one to consider for those after even more shine and grandeur, thanks to its series of pavé diamonds that frame the central AllStar Diamond.

Give new meaning to a sense of eternity with The Infinito AllStar Diamond Ring (right), designed to cleverly incorporate a rose gold infinity emblem. PHOTO: SK JEWELLERY

In the market for something a little bit less traditional? Look no further than The Infinito AllStar Diamond Ring, which blends creative expression with quality craftsmanship. The AllStar Diamond is nestled within four slim prongs, and placed atop a rose gold infinity emblem, – symbolising a promise of love that transcends space and time.

Get the best of both worlds with combined bands of rose and white gold in The Duet AllStar Diamond Ring (top). PHOTO: SK JEWELLERY

There’s also The Duet AllStar Diamond Ring, which combines bands of rose and white gold with a line of pavé diamonds, signifying the union of two lovers in harmony. At the crown of the ring, a dazzling AllStar Diamond is lifted up with four prongs for maximal light reflection and sparkle.

The allure of the AllStar Diamond is easy to see. Between its unparalleled brilliance, near-flawless perfection, consumer-friendly pricing and a complete range of timelessly elegant settings, one thing remains clear: you can search the cosmos and not find a diamond quite like it.

Discover the entire SK Jewellery AllStar Diamond Collection here.

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