Dream a little dream: New fragrances to uplift and inspire

Arriving just in time for the gifting season, Tory Burch’s Essence of Dreams collection will evoke feelings of love, joy and confidence

The Essence of Dreams collection featuring five new fragrances by Tory Burch have arrived just in time for the gifting season. PHOTO: TORY BURCH

Scents have a magical way of transporting people into a memory, or transforming the way one feels. Just one whiff of a familiar scent can immediately bring to mind a long-forgotten memory or emotion. 

What if they could also inspire feelings of hope, freedom, and unbridled happiness?

That’s what Tory Burch’s new collection Essence of Dreams aims to deliver. By capturing that elegance and beauty in a bottle, each fragrance is created to take users on a new sensorial journey. 

Much like how one’s dream states can lull one into a feeling of peace, love, magic and freedom, Tory Burch fragrances take these intangible feelings and turn them into an elegant reality.

The Essence of Dreams collection could not have arrived at a better time, too. As the holiday gifting season here, these lovely stocking stuffers are the perfect way of showing affection to loved ones.

Making perfect scents

Each bottle embodies Tory Burch brand’s signature elegance, femininity, and inspiring confidence. 

“I have always been fascinated by scents – the way they can connect us to memories and inspire emotions,” Tory says. “I wanted to create beautiful, uplifting fragrances that remind us to follow our dreams and imagine a world of endless possibilities.”

For the Essence of Dreams collection, Tory and her team drew parallels from nature to inform the notes that go into each bottle think wood, florals, spices, and even whiffs of saltwater. These inspiration points are turned into the highest quality botanicals and oils that go into each bottle.

The collection explores five dream facets: love, joy, freedom, magic, and peace. Each scent builds upon a set of ingredients that aim to evoke these sentiments and conjure up exquisite sceneries with every whiff.

Sublime Rose from the Tory Burch Essence of Dreams collection. PHOTO: TORY BURCH

Sublime Rose blooms into a feeling of love

The year-end holidays often stir up feelings of love, sweetness, warmth, and familiarity, and it is these traits that the Sublime Rose scent draws upon.

Warm woody notes build a grounding undertone for the scent to bloom from, while timeless rose notes are key to evoke the idea of romance. Sublime Rose is rounded off with blackcurrant that adds a lush and leafy balance to the entire scent bouquet. Together, it is a fragrance that conveys sensuality and love.

Mystic Geranium from the Tory Burch Essence of Dreams collection. PHOTO: TORY BURCH

Spirits are lifted with Mystic Geranium

Those who are on the market for a jubilant fragrance will find joy in Mystic Geranium. Bright geranium floral notes are mixed with the zesty yet woody profile of bergamot, and musk is also added to create a femininity and softness to the scent.

It’s as if the user has woken up in a summer dream, and is taking a slow walk through a verdant orchard in the clouds. Mystic Geranium is a scent of pure, energetic joy.

Electric Sky from the Tory Burch Essence of Dreams collection. PHOTO: TORY BURCH

Electric Sky opens up the feeling of liberation

Next, the Essence of Dream collection evokes a feeling of freedom with Electric Sky. The scent’s name draws to mind images of a desert landscape after a storm, with wood and lush floral fragrances seeping into the air in a heady blend that inspires possibilities.

Here, Electric Sky combines lavender, wood, and the refreshing notes of cactus flowers to paint an image of adventure, discovery, and freedom.

Cosmic Wood from the Tory Burch Essence of Dreams collection. PHOTO: TORY BURCH

Touch the divine with Cosmic Wood

From the liberated to the mystical, the next fragrance is Cosmic Wood. Just as how dreams can take a person into enchanting places where everything and anything is possible and Cosmic Wood aims to capture that sense of magic.

To do this, it employs an alchemy of captivating and sensual vetiver and spicy cardamom, with sparkling notes of jasmine intermixed for balance.

Divine Moon from the Tory Burch Essence of Dreams collection. PHOTO: TORY BURCH

Tranquil nights await with Divine Moon

Last, but certainly not least, is Divine Moon. Think of a midnight garden, where a pearlescent moon beams down upon an enchanted hideaway.

In Divine Moon, the rare Lady of the Night bloom takes centre stage light, floral, and a little musky. Notes of honey and citrus then round off the scent, thereby creating a perfume that soothes the user into an alluringly gentle mood. 

The Tory Burch Essence Dreams collection starts at $125 (50ml).

Discover the full collection exclusively at the Tory Burch counters in key department stores, and redeem complimentary fragrance samples, or visit to purchase.

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