Support, comfort and luxury: Find your best night’s rest with the mattresses at this new store

This Chinese New Year, usher in spring and enjoy a restful sleep experience with Simmons pocketed coil mattresses – now available at the Simmons Gallery at PLQ Mall

The new Simmons Gallery at PLQ Mall houses 12 mattress models, including the exclusive Beautyrest and BackCare Advanced series, imported from Canada and Japan. PHOTO: SIMMONS

We all remember the feeling of having had a good night’s sleep: you’re clear-minded, full of energy and raring to go. In endemic times, when stress has seeped into almost every facet of daily life, getting good quality sleep is more important than ever. And Simmons knows just that. 

The US brand, which has a heritage of 152 years, has recently opened a new Simmons Gallery at Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ Mall). Just a glance at its pretty window display and you'll see how it is serious about bringing that joyous "springtime experience" to you. The flower bed and the suspended rotating spring coil embody a message – that with your best sleep on a Simmons pocketed coil mattress, you will be able to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. 

At the heart of the new Simmons Gallery, at PLQ Mall, lies the Cabana, where customers can experience the brand's "DNA of sleep" and also test out the luxurious Beautyrest Ultimate mattress. PHOTO: SIMMONS

Step into the gallery and you'll be welcomed by the warm lights, dark wood and silk-linen wallpaper, inviting you to lie down and try the mattresses. Venture further and you'll encounter the Cabana right at the heart of the store (pictured above). Here is where you can lie on the luxurious Beautyrest Ultimate mattress and experience first-hand, Simmons’ DNA of sleep. Artistic pictures on the wall of body silhouettes reiterate that Simmons mattresses are made for every body, while a DNA mural reminds you of the company’s efforts to create better beds, for every shape and form. 

DNA of sleep 

Ms Michelle Ng, senior marketing manager at Simmons Southeast Asia, says, “The new Simmons Gallery features the brand as the DNA of sleep. We are the Definitive of sleep; we provide Nonpareil quality sleep with our Apex mattresses that are designed and built to support everybody and every body shape.” 

What makes Simmons mattresses a cut above the rest is the brand’s steadfast commitment to constant innovation – from the creation of the first pocketed coil in 1925 (Simmons continues to manufacture its own coils), the introduction of King and Queen sizes and a non-flip option, to the launch of new technologies that constantly elevate the quality of its mattresses. 

The gallery houses 12 mattress models including the exclusive Beautyrest and BackCare Advanced series, and the popular BackCare e-ION series, all fully imported from Canada and Japan. Besides offering you the expertise to help you discover which mattress best meets your needs, the store also carries accompanying bedding accessories so you can do all your shopping and prepping for the Chinese New Year at one go. With your Simmons mattress, you’ll get night after night of fully recharged sleep. You'll also have the pleasure of knowing that 90 per cent of luxury hotel brands, including Marina Bay Sands, also use Simmons. 

The aptly-named BackCare Advanced Series comes with a five-zoned support system for just the right amount of support distribution at the upper back, lumbar, hips, thighs and lower legs. PHOTO: SIMMONS

Find your perfect fit

Choosing the right mattress for you or your family may seem overwhelming, but here's help. The experts at the Simmons Gallery at PLQ Mall will get you perfectly matched. 

If you prefer more back support, the aptly-named BackCare Advanced Series features a signature five-zoned support system that gives the body the right amount of support distribution at the upper back, lumbar, hips, thighs and lower legs, for minimal motion transfer throughout the night.

Encompassing both firmness and support, the Beautyrest Celestine Clouds mattress provides the blissful sleeping experience of a six-star hotel. PHOTO: SIMMONS

Want to bring that staycation vibe back home? The Beautyrest Celestine Clouds is one for those who love the firmness and comfort of sleeping in luxury hotel beds. The mattress features the AirFeel Gel Foam, which helps provide airflow, performance and durability. 

Made with a loftier pillow pad to provide added comfort and softness to the sleep surface, the Beautyrest Exceptionnel Rosehall is also made with a more luxurious Silk Gel Fibre for a cooler sleep experience. PHOTO: SIMMONS

For ultimate comfort, there's the Beautyrest Exceptionnel Rosehall. Made with a loftier pillow pad for added softness to the sleep surface, and with Silk Gel Fibre and Latexair Foam that dissipates heat quickly, it is the gold standard of luxurious sleep. 

Those who run hot in their sleep will also appreciate the AirCool Gel Foam in all these mattresses, which features a surface layer foam infused with cooling gel to provide airflow through the mattress and maintain an ideal sleep temperature – so you feel as though you’re snoozing through a cool spring day.

Mattress shopping for the new year? Visit the Simmons Gallery at PLQ Mall to get expert advice from Simmons retail consultants today. The Simmons Gallery is located at 10 Paya Lebar Road, #03-15 Paya Lebar Quarter Mall, Singapore 409057.

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