#PopVultures Podcast: Batgirl cancelled, drama with The Flash's Ezra Miller in DC's Extended Universe

In this episode, Jan Lee looks at the shocking news coming out of Warner Bros. Discovery. PHOTO: AFP

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In this episode of #PopVultures, host Jan Lee looks at the shocking news coming out of Warner Bros. Discovery - that the close-to-completed films Batgirl starring Leslie Grace and the animated Scooby-Doo movie Scoob!: Holiday Haunt will be cancelled entirely and will not be released in theatres or via streaming.

In the background of these cancellations is the disturbing news surrounding The Flash's actor Ezra Miller. While Batgirl may be cancelled, The Flash is still slated for a 2023 release despite its lead - Miller - having multiple legal problems. The 29-year-old has been arrested for disorderly conduct, harassment, burglary, assault and has even been accused of sexually grooming a teenager. 

Jan Lee talks about the behind-the-scenes shake-ups at Warner Bros. Discovery and what the news means for the extended cinematic universe of the DC Comics superheroes.

Highlights (tap/click above):

0:26 What is going on at Warner Bros. Discovery

0:39 The cancellation of Batgirl and Scoob!: Holiday Haunt

1:37 The quiet removal of select titles from Warner Bros. Discovery's streaming service HBO Max

2:52 The possible rationale behind these decisions

13:42 The troubling implication of films and television shows disappearing from streaming platforms

19:40 The DC extended cinematic universe's new ten-year strategy and why it might not work as well

23:40 All the Ezra Miller drama and how it makes Warner Bros. Discovery look hypocritical

Produced by Jan Lee (janlee@sph.com.sg) and Penelope Lee

Edited by: Penelope Lee and Eden Soh

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