My Perfect Weekend: Bitty

Beth Yap will be launching her latest EP, Bitty, with a concert at the Esplanade Recital Studio on Oct 1. PHOTO: BITTY/FACEBOOK

Who: Singer, songwriter and bassist Beth Yap, 27, previously performed under the name bittymacbeth, but now goes by Bitty. The R&B/pop artiste is launching her latest EP, titled after her new stage moniker, with a concert at the Esplanade Recital Studio on Oct 1. The four-track EP is a follow-up to her second album Better Not Bitter, which was released last year, and her 2016 debut album Beauty For Ashes.

"My perfect weekend would start with catching a show or meeting friends at someone's home for dinner and games on Friday night. These days, it's more of the latter.

If we play games, they would be Jackbox Party, Code Names or Gartic Phone, all of which can be done virtually if the group is too big to meet for dinner.

Sometimes, I'll play Settlers Of Catan or Energy Empire up to 2am with my cousin, who lives with me and my husband. No matter how much I play, I'm not great at any of these games, but it's fun because I'm spending time with friends or family.

Saturdays are ideally spent waking up not too early and having a chill brunch with my husband, which will most probably be lunch by the time I get ready and out of the house.

Even if we don't go out, I would be happy making bacon and pancakes at home. I had a weekly Saturday brunch habit during my college days in the United States, where produce like berries, avocado and meat were cheap. And if I were feeling decadent, I'd add ice cream to my waffles.

I like to spend the afternoon making music just for myself or catching up on practice I might have missed during the week. Sometimes, there's just too much administrative and client work during the week to get to the spiritually and emotionally fulfilling creative projects.

In the evenings, I love taking a stroll by the beach and catching the sunset with my husband. Sometimes we run, partly so that he can train for his IPPT (individual physical proficiency test).

Dinner for me is always an occasion, so I'd ideally like something nice for Saturday dinners with my husband - whether it's a meal we cooked, ordered in or dining in at a restaurant. We like to try different cuisines and some of our favourites are Mexican, Indian, Japanese and Western-Asian fusion.

Sunday mornings are reserved for church. We have breakfast with our church friends at the hawker centre or kopitiam nearby. It's usually wonton mee for me.

The rest of Sunday is spent with family. My husband and I alternate between lunch/tea at one set of parents' house and dinner at the other. I try to eat healthier during the rest of the week,as both our families feed us very well when we visit.

At the end of the day, I write about the past week in my diary, as I've been told it's good for mental health, and schedule tasks for the upcoming week in my project management app.

Then I watch some Masterclass videos or read old X-men comics and wind down with my usual skincare routine."

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