Market-specific functions and made for Singapore’s roads: Why your next luxury car should be from this dealer

Cycle & Carriage’s benefits for Mercedes-Benz owners offer them a smoother ride and extra peace of mind

Cycle & Carriage has been Mercedes-Benz’s trusted partner in Singapore for more than six decades. PHOTO: CYCLE & CARRIAGE

To the casual eye, one Mercedes-Benz might look like another, but there are key differences between those diverted from another country and the cars that were always manufactured specifically for Singapore.

Every Mercedes-Benz retailed by authorised dealer Cycle & Carriage is designated for the Singapore market and works as it is designed to – stocked with market-specific features.

There are instances when Mercedes-Benz cars from unauthorised dealers might seem like they come with special or unique features, but these may not function properly in Singapore.

A good example is the Active Speed Limit Assist function, which can observe the stipulated speed limit on the roads, even under unclear situations. It is widely used in Europe but in Singapore, the feature is unable to recognise local speed limit signs.

That is one reason why heading to Cycle & Carriage for your next luxury car purchase will give you greater peace of mind.

At the Cycle & Carriage Mercedes-Benz Center, customer service excellence plays a prominent role to ensure existing and potential owners enjoy their ownership journey. PHOTO: CYCLE & CARRIAGE

Forming trust

Mercedes-Benz takes pride in being the inventor of the automobile. It’s an honour that belongs to no other brand and living up to the three-pointed star emblem means delivering exceptional performance, comfort and safety.

That philosophy drives everything Mercedes does, and trusted partners like Cycle & Carriage are a part of that drive.

The automotive group has been a part of the Mercedes-Benz story in Singapore for more than 60 years. As a result, the two companies enjoy a bond so deep that there has not been another authorised dealer for Mercedes-Benz here.

Established and trustworthy, Cycle & Carriage is known to employ policies and practices that are carefully considered and executed, rather than being implemented on a whim.

Giving owners peace of mind, Mercedes-Benz cars delivered by Cycle & Carriage are stocked with market-specific features unlike those diverted from other countries. PHOTO: CYCLE & CARRIAGE

The company is staffed by professionals who take pride in supporting customers through every step of the car ownership journey.

That much is apparent from the moment a person enters the Mercedes-Benz Center at Alexandra Road, and chats with the centre’s Product Experts, who will provide unbiased advice and share their knowledge.

Possessing the edge

Such professionalism and expert knowledge is much appreciated by customers, who ultimately want to be assured that their investment in the car is justified and sound.

To that end, Mercedes-Benz owners whose cars have been delivered by Cycle & Carriage will be glad to know that they would be able to register their cars on the "Mercedes me Connect" digital app.

Users can stay connected with their cars while on the go and operate vehicle functions through the smartphone app. This is a service not available to owners of cars purchased from non-authorised dealers.  

In fact, the digital era makes Cycle & Carriage’s partnership with Mercedes-Benz truly vital. Just as a smartphone gets steadily better with each update, the modern connected car now improves over time through software updates, delivered only through authorised dealers.

With digital innovation increasingly at the heart of what Mercedes-Benz does, driving one from an unauthorised dealer is a sure way to miss out on what the brand has to offer in full.

There is no need to worry about servicing standards for Mercedes-Benz cars at Cycle & Carriage because its crew is trained and certified by the German manufacturer. PHOTO: CYCLE & CARRIAGE

At the forefront

Even on the hardware side, Cycle & Carriage goes the extra mile for customers.

The Cycle & Carriage 10-Year Engine Warranty programme gives Mercedes-Benz owners an additional 7-year engine warranty on top of the usual 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, providing extra peace of mind.

Only skilled hands take care of the customers’ cars there, as well. Cycle & Carriage technicians are guided by the know-how imparted directly from Mercedes-Benz, which trains and certifies them, and supplies the right equipment specifically designed for its cars.

Mercedes-Benz also ensures Cycle & Carriage has the right equipment and spare parts to upkeep the cars at its workshop. PHOTO: CYCLE & CARRIAGE

A direct line to experts in Germany is the final link that helps Cycle & Carriage fulfil its mission to deliver good customer experiences.

It’s clear that in all the time both parties have worked together, even though the world has changed beyond recognition, one thing has not: the people at Cycle & Carriage know Mercedes-Benz cars inside out – and always have.

The enduring and special relationship between both companies ensures that purchasing a Mercedes-Benz from Cycle & Carriage simply means buying the best, from the best.

For more details on the latest models and promotions, call Mercedes-Benz Center at 6298 1818 or visit

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