Fast Lane: Bentley pushes out faster Continenal GT, new Jag F-Pace arrives

Bentley's new Continental GT Speed is powered by a revised 6-litre turbocharged W12.
Bentley's new Continental GT Speed is powered by a revised 6-litre turbocharged W12.PHOTO: BENTLEY

Bentley's speedier Continenal GT

The new Continental GT Speed is the most performance-focused Bentley ever. Powered by a revised 6-litre turbocharged W12 delivering 650bhp and 900Nm, the coupe hits 100kmh in 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 335kmh.

It gets all-wheel steering, an electronic rear differential, carbon ceramic brakes and 22-inch wheels. Despite its heightened sportiness, Bentley says the car does not compromise on comfort.

Audi plants to slash water consumption

Audi aims to make all its plants waste water-free eventually. Its Mexico facility has been free of waste water since 2018 and its Neckarsulm site will be by 2025. Its Mission:Zero environmental programme includes increasing the use of rainwater and recycling.

The United Nations estimates that the demand for drinking water may increase by 55 per cent by 2050.

Water is also essential in automotive production, for example in the paint shop or for leak tests.

Audi's water consumption is to be reduced from the current average of around 3.75 cubic metres to around 1.75 cubic metres per produced car by 2035.

Sleeker, roomier Peugeot 308

The Peugeot 308 is the first model to feature the brand's new logo. PHOTO: PEUGEOT

The new Peugeot 308's wheelbase is 55mm longer than its predecessor's, making more legroom for rear passengers. The car is 20mm lower, which creates an even sleeker silhouette.

It is the first model to feature the brand's new logo, which neatly covers a radar used by the car's driving aids. It boasts semi-automatic lane change, anticipated speed recommendation, and curve speed adaptation.

No wrong way with Skoda app

Skoda's "Traffication Infotainment" app alerts drivers to inadvertent wrong-way driving. Drivers receive a warning sent directly to the vehicle's infotainment display.

More than a quarter of UK drivers admit to having accidentally driven the wrong way down a road at least once, and 65 per cent said they had witnessed another car driving the wrong way on a road.

Skoda is the first carmaker to launch a wrong-way safety feature for customers.

New Jag F-Pace arrives

The new Jaguar F-Pace has a new bonnet design, grille and rear lights. PHOTO: JAGUAR

Jaguar's new F-Pace crossover is now available from $252,999. It has a new bonnet design, grille and rear lights as well as super-slim all-LED quad headlights.

The cabin offers enhanced connectivity, with Jaguar's latest Pivi Pro dual-SIM infotainment accessed through an 11.4-inch curved glass touchscreen. Software can be updated over the air.

There is a plug-in hybrid variant.

Cupra unveils second electric model

The Cupra Tavascan, arriving in showrooms from 2024, will be the brand's second fully electric model. PHOTO: CUPRA

Volkswagen-owned Spanish carmaker Seat, which aims to produce more than 500,000 electric vehicles a year, has unveiled the Cupra Tavascan.

The car, which will arrive at showrooms from 2024, will be the brand's second fully electric model, following the Cupra Born which will be launched later this year. Cupra is Seat's performance sub-brand.

Local mobility firm enters logistics fray

Homegrown mobility group Swat Mobility has teamed up with Uglyfood in its foray into the logistics industry.

Uglyfood is an online grocer with a mission to eliminate food waste. Their produce is marred in some way but perfectly good to eat.

Swat Mobility's delivery system will pool orders going to the same area, reducing the number of routes driven and vehicles needed. Its technology can monitor deliveries and allow recommendations on the best way to pool orders.

Kia's massive Carnival multi-seater in showroom soon

The new Kia Carnival measures 5.1m. PHOTO: KIA SINGAPORE/FACEBOOK

Kia Cycle & Carriage has posted teaser ads for its new Carnival. Dubbed a "grand utility vehicle", the multi-seater SUV measures 5.1m long, making it substantially larger than the previous Carnival.

The car should be showroom-ready by the end of this month.

Revised Stinger lands

The revised Kia Stinger has had its engines tuned lower to meet stricter emission standards. PHOTO: KIA

Kia has revised its award-winning Stinger grand tourer. It has the same engines (3.3 and 2-litre), but they have been tuned lower to meet stricter emission standards. Other changes include design tweaks and additional electronic driving aids.

German carmakers invest €5.5 billion on EV chargers

Germany will provide €5.5 billion of funding for electric-car charging infrastructure - a significant show of support for one of the country's core industries. Bloomberg reported that the funds will be available until 2024.

Auto executives said the industry is ready to meet more ambitious climate goals set out by the European Commission. The companies have concluded that increasing acceptance of electric cars will make it possible to comply with more restrictive emissions limits.

In December, the bloc's leaders endorsed toughening the 2030 target for car-emission reduction to at least 55 per cent from 1990 levels. The revision is expected to be finalised in June.

Last year, Europe overtook China as the world's biggest market for plug-in hybrid and electric cars on the back of more government incentives.