Hot Bods: Triathlons, marathons and Argentine tango

Entrepreneur Zach Chen (left) and tutor Evonne Wong. ST PHOTO: NEO XIAOBIN

SINGAPORE - Meet this week's hot bods: entrepreneur Zach Chen, 38, and tutor Evonne Wong, 35.

Zach Chen, 38


Height: 1.72m

Weight: 67kg

Exercise regimen: I competed in biathlons, triathlons and marathons, so my weekly mileage ranges from 30km to 80km. To train strength, I do calisthenics. To train explosiveness, I do plyometrics.

To train dexterity, I do bouldering. I also enjoy play-making as a point guard in basketball. For recovery and joint health, I practise yoga.

For mental health, I meditate. Every day, I try to incorporate at least 20 minutes of intense workouts and 10 minutes of stretching. Most of my workouts last one to two hours.

Diet: I love spicy food, raw seafood, colourful fruit and Nonya kueh.

Variety and moderation are my guiding principles. My daily hydration is about three to six litres of water, depending on the activity. Every day can be a cheat day, as long as I work off more calories than I take in.

Evonne Wong, 35

Biology tutor

Height: 1.68m

Weight: 65kg

Exercise regimen: I swim 40 laps once to twice a week, coupled with one night of salsa and bachata and one night of Argentine tango. I spend about 1½ hours swimming and four hours dancing.

Diet: I love potatoes. I am an epicurean who does not believe in denying myself any cravings - life is too short. But I do practise moderation. I have cravings for fried chicken or Korean barbecue at times - I will indulge since these are not foods I usually eat.

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