Hot Bods: Taiji footwork and Bulgarian split squats

Lee Tze Yuan (left) and Tan Yan Ni. ST PHOTOS: KEVIN LIM

SINGAPORE - Meet this week's hot bods, physiotherapy student Tan Yan Ni, 24, and engagement manager Lee Tze Yuan.

Tan Yan Ni, 24 Physiotherapy student

Height: 1.58m

Weight: 56kg

Exercise routine:

On most days, I do compound exercises for my lower limbs and back, and my favourite machines in the gym are the stairmaster and squat rack.

A typical session at the gym comprises 20 minutes of stairmaster, squats (narrow and wide stance, 10 repetitions, two sets each), weighted Bulgarian split squats (eight repetitions, four sets), barbell bent over row (pronated and supinated grip, 10 repetitions, two sets each), lats pulldown (wide and narrow grip, 10 repetitions, two sets each), abs exercises (three sets) and I end off with stretches.


I love food and do not refrain from eating anything. However, I eat in moderation and scale down my portion when the food is high in calories.

An example is that I never upsize my bubble tea or meals and always opt for healthier options like less sugar. I drink at least two litres of plain water every day and completely avoid alcoholic drinks.

Lee Tze Yuan, 30 Engagement manager

Height: 1.8m

Weight: 74kg

Exercise routine:

I do a taiji workout once a week, which involves going through taiji footwork, practising basic forms and then progressing to revising routines. I end the session with stretches to maintain general flexibility.

I add a strength and conditioning session once a week to maintain strength and prevent injuries. Some exercises I do are a lats pulldown or shoulder press, dynamic dumbbell lunges, Arabesque with weights (to maintain general lower-body strength to protect my knees as both taiji and running are quite punishing for the knees), push-ups and an abs workout.


I am not picky with food and I stick to a balanced meal of proteins, carbs and vegetables. An example is economy rice with less rice, and a portion of protein and vegetables.

I try to avoid sugar whenever I can. For breakfast, I usually have oatmeal with some berries and granola.

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