Hot Bods: 'Not a fan of rice and quinoa is my go-to carb'

Assistant video editor Rachel Lim and offshore facility superintendent S. Kesu Nair. ST PHOTOS: ARIFFIN JAMAR

SINGAPORE - Meet this week's hot bods - assistant video editor Rachel Lim, 25, and Mr S. Kesu Nair, 35, superintendent on an offshore facility.

Rachel Lim, 25

Assistant video editor

Height: 1.58m

Weight: 55kg

Exercise regimen: I have Muay Thai training four to five days a week. My regimen consists of shadow boxing for three minutes, technique drills and strikes. At times, I switch my routine and indulge in Muay HIIT, which combines a non-combat, high-intensity interval training workout with Muay Thai techniques, for body conditioning. To improve my cardio, I run before I start my training.

Diet: I do not have a strict diet, but I try to maintain a comfortable weight for my training. I am not a fan of rice and quinoa is my go-to carb.

S. Kesu Nair, 35

Superintendent on an offshore facility

Height: 1.71m

Weight: 68kg

Exercise regimen: I enjoy long runs, hikes and outdoor high-intensity interval circuit training. I train at the gym three times a week, focusing on hypertrophy (muscle growth).

Apart from weight conditioning, I use the suspension training tool TRX to maintain my strength. My fitness trainers have equipped me with the essentials to maintain my physique in the most efficient way.

I also swim often to upkeep my cardiovascular health. I believe fitness has to be a sustainable lifestyle and that is the vision of my exercise regimen.

Diet: My diet is very much targeted at maintaining a low body-fat index. I incorporate lean white meats and foods that are high in protein and rich in fibre.

I do not consume processed food and refined sugar. I prefer to get my nourishment from fresh produce. Some of my favourite daily staples include salmon, chicken breast, eggs, broccoli, asparagus and a wide plethora of legumes and wholemeal grains.

As much as I stick to a strict diet, I indulge in a cheat meal once a week to reward myself and strike a balance.

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