Hot Bods: Mother of three sheds 30 kg through 'intense piloxing'

Pilot Lim Min (left) and mother of three, Ms Rita Lim.
Pilot Lim Min (left) and mother of three, Ms Rita Lim.ST PHOTOS: KUA CHEE SIONG

SINGAPORE - Meet this week's hot bods, pilot Lim Min, 38, and mother of three, Ms Rita Lim, 39.

Rita Lim, 39, housewife

Height: 1.64m

Weight: 64kg

Exercise: I used to be obese, weighing 98kg in 2017. Through determination, proper dieting and intense piloxing, I managed to shed over 30kg.

As my stamina improved, I started to run three times a week. My target is to clock at least 150km every month. I have completed nine half-marathons.

This journey has made me a different person. I'm much stronger mentally, physically and emotionally. Overall, I'm a happier person.

Diet: I eat everything in moderation and try to avoid processed food and carbs. As someone who has a sweet tooth, I find it handy being a home-based baker. I bake desserts according to my preference and get to control my sugar intake.

Lim Min, 38, pilot

Height: 1.79m

Weight: 68kg

Exercise: I alternate between cardio and strength training daily. Weekends are reserved for my family and we'll bond through activities such as hiking and cycling.

Diet: I don't follow any specific diet but I'll try to avoid processed food, sugars and refined carbs and go for more greens.