Hot Bods: I cannot do without snacks

Influencer Rachel Yim and head of marketing Benjamin Tan. ST PHOTOS: BENJAMIN SEETOR

Rachel Yim, 26, influencer/recruitment manager

Height: 1.64m

Weight: 48kg

Exercise regimen: Due to my work schedule, I cannot go to the gym every day. But I try to keep myself active by doing calisthenics with my personal trainer once a week and I play golf, do yoga, wakeboard and meditate in my free time.

Diet: I love all kinds of food. I usually have black coffee in the morning, protein for lunch and something light such as salad with fruit for dinner. I cannot do without snacks, and you are likely to find me at cafes and shops with good desserts.

Benjamin Tan, 29, head of marketing of fitness company The District Training

Height: 1.77m

Weight: 71kg

Exercise regimen: Rock climbing and calisthenics have kept me active for the past 10 years. I boulder two to four times a week and do calisthenics two to three times a week.

Diet: I love oats and anything with noodles and I eat three to five times a day. I refrain from taking higher calorie food, but I do indulge myself on occasion. Protein-wise, I love my egg whites, chicken meat, soya-based products such as tempeh, and salmon.

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