Hot Bods: I avoid deep-fried food as I do not enjoy the taste that much

Finance executive Judy Ni (left) and software engineer Peter Wong. ST PHOTO: LIM YAOHUI

Judy Ni, 31, finance executive

Height: 1.67m
Weight: 51kg
Exercise regimen: I am a freelance aerial arts instructor and teach about 13 hours a week. I also train about three to five times a week, one to three hours each time, at specialised studios with the appropriate equipment. I choreograph and work on perfecting aerial dance routines. There are both strength and conditioning aspects to the aerial arts, which require different types of practice. The entire body is worked on, with more emphasis on the back and arms.
Diet: I eat three meals a day. I do not stick to a specific meal plan, but focus on eating more leafy greens, unrefined carbohydrates and lean meat. I avoid deep-fried food or food with a high fat content as I do not enjoy the taste that much.
Health tip: Do not rely on motivation as it comes and goes. Instead, cultivate discipline, which allows you to make progress one step at a time.

Peter Wong, 36, software engineer

Height: 1.75m
Weight: 68kg
Exercise regimen: I used to train in aerial arts and other circus disciplines like hand balancing and partner acrobatics, but do so only occasionally now. These days, I do contemporary dance once a week. I believe in simply finding activities you enjoy, rather than traditional concepts of exercise, weekly routines or training specific body parts.
Diet: I usually eat twice daily and do a loose intermittent fast in the day. I eat whatever I want, but I aim for more protein and fewer carbohydrates. I have a sweet tooth, but try to avoid sugar in excess.
Health tip: Do not worry about how your body looks, focus on what your body can do – when you’re older it’s the latter that matters. Our bodies are a result of many factors like lifestyle, genetics, age, phase of life, etc. Focus on what you can control, be patient, and let the body take care of itself.

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