Hot Bods: High-protein steaks and burger patties; steamboat and pho

Physical education teacher Jacinta Koh (left) and engineer Ilone Grinberg. ST PHOTOS: NEO XIAOBIN

SINGAPORE - Meet this week's hot bods - physical education teacher Jacinta Koh, 30, and engineer Ilone Grinberg, 35.

Jacinta Koh, 30

Physical education teacher

Height: 1.67m

Weight: 50kg

Exercise regimen

Every day, once in the morning and in the evening, I do the following body weight exercises: 10 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 10 dips and 10 pistol squats.

Three times a week, I do interval sprints at the track (400m x 10, with a one-minute rest in between each lap). Twice a week, I go to the gym, focusing primarily on legs, and rock climb.

Throughout the week, I do a range of dynamic and static stretching for flexibility and some movement workouts for body control. These exercises help prevent injury and work stabiliser muscles that I may not have actively engaged during my weekly routine.


I don't believe in cheat days. But I try to stay away from sugary drinks and food, and eat very few carbs. I can never get enough of steamboat and pho (Vietnamese noodle soup).

Ilone Grinberg, 35


Height: 1.65m

Weight: 60kg

Exercise regimen

I follow a simple routine of 2 x 25 pull-ups, 2 x 25 dips, 25 pistol squats and a 3.2km run every other day. Aside from that, I wake foil (a water sport similar to wakeboarding, but using a specialised board with an attached hydrofoil), skateboard and take tumbling classes throughout the week.


I spend most of my time near the grill, perfecting standard American cuisine, fuelling my regular workouts with high-protein steaks and burger patties.

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