Hot Bods: Following the 4-4-2 principle when it comes to meals

Banker Kenneth Wee (left) and freelance model Alva Kek. ST PHOTOS: JOYCE FANG

SINGAPORE - Meet this week's hot bods - banker Kenneth Wee, 36, and freelance model Alva Kek, 24.

Kenneth Wee, 36


Height: 1.67m

Weight: 67kg

Exercise regimen: I have been doing judo for almost 20 years. The calisthenics and explosive throwing movements in this Japanese martial art are an excellent form of high intensity training. I also do weights training once a week, emphasising compound movements like deadlifts and chin-ups to maintain strength and power.

Diet: I eat more on the days I exercise and less on the days I don't. A typical breakfast is bread with eggs and coffee.

For lunch, noodles and a salad. Dinner is rice with side dishes.

On days I work out, I'll reward myself with some junk food like burgers or steak. I've found it's far more practical to be healthy through mindful nutrition, rather than lots of exercises that risk injury and burnout.

Alva Kek, 24

Student and freelance model

Height: 1.65m

Weight: 49kg

Exercise regimen: I run and do high intensity interval training three times a week. I also practise yoga occasionally, and go for personal training sessions whenever my schedule allows.

About a year ago, I discovered kickboxing. The physical coordination required, strength and cardio benefits, as well as the self-defence aspect, have made me a big fan of the sport.

Diet: I try to ensure most of my meals are freshly and simply prepared, saving big meals for special occasions.

I follow what I call a four-four-two principle, in which a typical meal would be light protein like steamed fish with tofu (40 per cent), a similar portion of lightly cooked vegetables (40 per cent) and a smaller portion of white rice (20 per cent).

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