Hot Bods: Dragon boater and yoga enthusiast

Nico Lim (left) and Angela Lim.
Nico Lim (left) and Angela Lim.ST PHOTOS: JOYCE FANG

SINGAPORE - Meet this week's hot bods - student Nico Lim, 26, and physiotherapist Angela Lim, 38.

Nico Lim, 26







I'm on the Singapore national dragon boat team. I do eight water training sessions a week, paddling with my crew for about two hours.

I also go to the gym about four times a week. I do exercises like bench presses, military presses and deadlifts which target my chest and triceps, shoulders, and back and legs respectively.

Another form of exercise I do is running - 6km thrice a week.


If I have an upcoming race, I will start watching my diet three months before it. I cut down on oily food, sugary drinks and salt intake.

On non-race days, I'm less strict as my training volume is high. Out of three meals a day, I'll have one with fried food. I take a lot of vegetables and fruit and drink lots of water.

Angela Lim, 38







I do yoga two to three times a week at home or at class in a studio. Although I also cycle and swim once a week, my primary form of exercise is yoga - mainly vinyasa and hatha, which are traditional forms of yoga that focus on strength, balance, cardio and endurance.

I like yoga because I have a history of back pain and yoga helps strengthen my back through controlled movements and stretches.

Yoga also includes a component of meditation that can be done before or after a class. It's the only exercise that gives the body a chance to rest after a workout.


I eat a lot of vegetables and avoid fried food or sweet drinks. Breakfast is usually a fruit or vegetable smoothie or oats with soya milk.

For lunch, I prepare my own meal so that I can control the amount of proteins and carbs. I also drink plenty of fluids.