Hot Bods: Choosing low- or no-sugar drinks despite having a sweet tooth

Dion Sng (left) and Brendon Lim are this week's hot bods. ST PHOTO: BENJAMIN SEETOR

SINGAPORE - Meet this week's hot bods - Ms Dion Sng, 23, and Mr Brendon Lim, 26.

Dion Sng, 23

Financial adviser and freelance barre instructor

Height: 1.62m

Weight: 46kg

Exercise regimen: My workouts are cardio-heavy, with occasional strength and conditioning through barre. I spin four to five times a week and teach barre twice a week.

Diet: I love pasta, rice and anything with noodles. I eat four to five times a day, including supper. I do not restrict myself from eating anything - while I believe dieting is important, I also try to have a balanced diet. I have smoothies and shakes occasionally. Nowadays, I am trying to bring the oat diet into my breakfast, so I prepare overnight oats. Protein-wise, I prefer chicken and salmon.

Brendon Lim, 26

Full-time student and part-time swimming coach

Height: 1.74m

Weight: 67kg

Exercise regimen: I work out four to six times a week, with a mix of sports/cardio and calisthenics/resistance training on alternate days. I like to play sports such as badminton, basketball and swimming.

Diet: I have a sweet tooth, but I choose to go for low- or no-sugar drinks instead. For my meals, I usually go for a well-balanced diet daily - including more vegetables and fruit - and guilty treats on some days.

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