Hot Bods: Cafe owner goes on morning walks with family

Married couple Shannen Low, 31, and Chris Wong, 34. ST PHOTOS: KEVIN LIM

SINGAPORE - Meet this week's hot bods, married couple Shannen Low, 31, and Chris Wong, 34.

Shannen Low, 31

Owner of Wicked Greens cafe

Height: 1.65m

Weight: 51kg

Exercise regimen: Chris and I started our post-partum weight loss journey in January after our baby Sasha was born in mid-December 2020. My weight at its peak was 72kg and I have lost a total of 21kg.

I take morning walks with my family for about 30 to 45 minutes daily. I do body weighted exercise and some strength training with kettlebells, such as four sets of five to 12 repetitions of mixture pull-ups, push-ups, shoulder-press and lunges, for about two to three times a week..

Diet: I enjoy food from my cafe. I feel full in my tummy with good positive energy every time. I also love my mom's cooking. I take liquid vitamin supplement every morning.

Sometimes I fast till noon or have banana or bread. I don't follow a strict diet, but I take mostly vegetables and lean protein.

Chris Wong, 34

SAP finance consultant

Height: 1.71m

Weight: 61kg

Exercise regimen: My training is based on functional body building. I've been using kettlebells, which enable interesting movements and are great for building strength. I often do kettlebell shoulder and chest press, double kettlebell swing, and russian twist for about four sets of eight to 15 repetitions, depending on the weight.

I also enjoy using the rowing machine, as there's some transfer of skill and power-endurance to dragonboating. I train five to six times a week at home and usually during earlier parts of the day with moderate intensity.

Diet: My wife's cooking. I get my nutrition from my wife's café, Wicked Greens, and the remaining from home cooked food.

I track my calorie intake because I tend to overeat. I focus on having a lot more vegetables and sufficient protein and carbs. Occasionally, I crave a good nasi lemak with chicken, or a good burger filled with bacon and full-sides.

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