Hot Bods

Desleen Yeo (left) and Ryan Chen
Desleen Yeo (left) and Ryan Chen ST PHOTO: ONG WEE JIN

Desleen Yeo, 30

Founder of apparel brand YeoMama Batik

HEIGHT: 175cm WEIGHT: 64kg

EXERCISE ROUTINE: Pole dancing is my main workout. I attend classes three times a week, each lasting one hour. To help execute the tricks, I go for stretch classes that work on active flexibility and to build up smaller muscle groups. I also wakeboard and do aerial hoop occasionally. A year ago, I picked up Zuu (a high-intensity workout that mimics animal movements) and have been doing bodyweight partner exercises with my boyfriend once a week. I enjoy doing a mix of workouts that are fun.

DIET: Most of my meals are home-cooked. When I am out, I enjoy fast food and mala hotpot.

Ryan Chen, 35

Fitness coach

HEIGHT: 171cm WEIGHT: 65kg

EXERCISE ROUTINE: My only fixed workout is done once a week, using mainly gymnastic rings. The focus is on strength and range of motion.Instead of taking public transport, I walk, skate or cycle to commute whenever possible. I also "play" every day, practising things like handstands, movement flow, poi spinning (a traditional Maori dance from New Zealand) and pole dancing. The goal is to find as many new experiences as possible.

DIET: My aim is to achieve a good balance of vegetables, proteins and carbs. "Cai fan" (economy rice ) is my go-to, as I can easily get steamed chicken, eggs, green leafy vegetables, and vegetables like okra and eggplant.

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