Hot Bods

Lokies Khan and Kylie Siu. PHOTOS: KUA CHEE SIONG

Lokies Khan, 28

CrossFit coach

HEIGHT 175cm WEIGHT 80kg

EXERCISE ROUTINE I train with the CrossFit methodology primarily four to five times a week. I enjoy the different models of movements. CrossFit training is unpredictable so the body can never fully adapt and become too comfortable. It allows me to appreciate different sports and disciplines. On top of that, I teach Les Mills BodyPump, a group fitness barbell class, five to seven times a week.

DIET I don't count my macronutrient intake, but I try to watch what I eat. I try as much as possible to eat whole foods and avoid processed and junk food. My job and training are physically demanding, so I make sure I have my meals. Basically, I live to eat to perform. I never say no to chocolate chip cookies because I know my body can afford it.

Kylie Siu, 36


HEIGHT 167cm WEIGHT 65kg

EXERCISE ROUTINE I do CrossFit, which has an approach to constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity. It is scalable regardless of injury, age and level of fitness. It appealed to me both as a physiotherapist and an athlete looking to invest in years of healthy living. I keep it sustainable by doing it two to three times a week, which is what I'm ready, willing and able to do.

DIET I eat with the intention to nourish and take a flexible approach. I usually have some protein with every meal and I also tend to take less processed foods. It's possible to eat well while enjoying an occasional cookie or burger.

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