Hot bods

Maureen Quiambao, 33

Investment banker


EXERCISE REGIMEN I run in the gym every morning for at least 30 minutes, followed by stretching to improve my flexibility. I go for muay thai classes twice a week after work and do pole and aerial exercises three times a week.

At home, I do three sets of five pull-ups for upper body strength. Exercising has become a lifestyle. My body looks forward to it. I feel weaker when I don't exercise.

DIET I eat more protein-based food along with my salad. On weekends and when I'm out with friends, I reward myself with carbs and desserts.

On weekdays, I try to make easy meals like steak or sausage using the air fryer, and have greens on the side. I like coffee, but I try not to add sugar to it.

Ken Chong, 44

Civil servant

HEIGHT 1.69m WEIGHT 59kg

EXERCISE REGIMEN Every day after work, I do simple workouts at home like roller abs, push-ups and crunches. During weekends, I go to the gym. Each workout lasts 11/2 hours.

My motivation to exercise is to be a fit old man. I feel that exercise should not be restricted to young people. People of my age should also try to keep a certain body shape. Perseverance is important if you want to have a good physique.

DIET On regular days, I will eat as much protein as possible - for example, chicken breast with broccoli. I avoid having carbs and sugar, and will not eat rice unless it is the weekend.

I used to consume a lot of sugary drinks, but now, I try not to take any sugar at all. It makes me feel healthier and I feel I have more energy.

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