Hot Bods

Yang Jiamin, 29


HEIGHT 1.65m WEIGHT 48kg

EXERCISE REGIMEN I do 15 minutes of mindfulness practice when I wake up every day. I do mainly yoga, but also love incorporating different workouts into my routine once in a while, such as pole, calisthenics, spin and other high-intensity interval training programmes.

DIET Life is about balance. On days I eat healthy, I often go for a poke bowl. I do not adhere to a strict diet, but I drink a cup of fruit juice every morning. I have my cheat days too. I am a bubble tea lover, but I usually go for healthier options, for example, no sugar or fewer pearls.

William Yoong, 27


HEIGHT 1.75m WEIGHT 65kg

EXERCISE REGIMEN I train in movement practice, inspired by fitness trainer Ido Portal. It has a lot of interesting workouts that keep me entertained. I train for about two to four times a week, mainly achieving stronger forms of pull-ups such as front lever rows and one arm pulls, and these help with my sports, which are rock climbing and obstacle course racing. Gymnastics rings are really versatile equipment and I use them for almost every training session.

DIET I do not really track my diet, but I recommend never replacing meals with supplements. I generally avoid alcohol because it is worse than soda for health. Every day can be a cheat day and I love chocolate and french fries.

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