Hot bods

(Left) Francesca Harriman (Right) Hafeez Hassan
(Left) Francesca Harriman (Right) Hafeez HassanPictures by Jason Quah

Francesca Harriman, 46

Dancer, personal trainer, yoga teacher and choreographer

HEIGHT 1.63m WEIGHT 52.5kg

EXERCISE ROUTINE I hit the gym two to three times a week for weight training. I try to go rock climbing once a week and hiking once a month. I do yoga three to four times a week and run about twice a week.

DIET I am a vegetarian. I eat lots of greens, fruit and antioxidant-rich food. I cook instead of eat out. I love to cook Mediterranean food - lots of capsicum, chick peas, eggplant and broccoli. I start my day with a protein smoothie. My favourite food is grilled eggplant with garlic cheese parsley.

Hafeez Hassan, 38

Dancer, choreographer and personal trainer


EXERCISE ROUTINE I start my day with meditation and mobility exercises. Then I mix and match things like kettlebell training and strength training at the gym with weights. I also do yoga. These days, I am training myself to run barefoot once a week.

DIET I am a vegetarian and eat lots of vegetables. My favourite food is sweet potato and I bake it a lot. I also bake bread. I rarely eat out. My diet is high in fat, olive oil, avocado and nuts. I also drink coffee with coconut milk, which helps to keep me full for longer.

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