Hot Bods

Rachel Ngo (left) and Mohd Khodali Marsio (right).
Rachel Ngo (left) and Mohd Khodali Marsio (right).ST PHOTO: ARIFFIN JAMAR

Rachel Ngo, 30

Client partner at FranklinCovey Singapore


EXERCISE ROUTINE Ever since joining a new firm, Covid-19 and a recent heartbreak, I've changed my lifestyle to have an output for stress, more energy and regain my self-confidence. I invested in a home gym - which consists of a pull-up bar, cross trainer, treadmill, TRX (suspension training tool), mat, ab roller and balancing ball - which allows me to do my daily workouts in the comfort of my home. I have no excuses not to do them. I also invested in a personal trainer from JR Training Academy to help me with strength training.

DIET I cook protein-heavy meals, which include salmon, chicken thigh, broccoli and omelettes (with two eggs), and have snacks such as almonds and Quest chocolate chip cookies. I try to avoid sugar and carbohydrates. Every week, I have one cheat day, when I eat whatever I want.

Mohd Khodali Marsio, 58

Operations assistant


EXERCISE ROUTINE Cycling is my main sport and I commute to work daily on my mountain bike. I've competed in mountain bike races across Asia, such as in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and also locally. I love running as well, and I run 16km during the weekends. I do punching-bag training and weight training to build muscles and keep my body in shape. I've been doing all these since I was young and I'm not stopping.

DIET I eat anything and make sure to have three meals a day.

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