Hot Bods

Nicole Clarke (left) and Benny Chun (right).
Nicole Clarke (left) and Benny Chun (right).ST PHOTO: MARK CHEONG

Nicole Clarke, 25

Personal trainer

HEIGHT 160cm WEIGHT 54kg

EXERCISE ROUTINE I do weight training five times a week and focus on individual body parts during each session. To maintain stamina, I do cardio three to five times a week. The most important factor in my training is being able to isolate muscles specifically, and this is the practice that has helped me sculpt my physique.

DIET My main sources of carbohydrates are oats, brown rice, pasta and sweet potatoes, while my protein comes from eggs, roasted chicken and white fish. Occasionally, I have salmon or mackerel. I believe that eating well is the key to achieving a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, and I reserve extreme restrictions for bodybuilding competitions.

Benny Chun, 25

Auditor and fitness trainer

HEIGHT 174cm WEIGHT 76kg

EXERCISE ROUTINE My workout is split into cycles, with each being four days, in which I concentrate on different muscle groups. I use basic exercises and focus on proper form and maintaining intensity. I believe that mastering the basics is more than sufficient to achieve my desired physique.

DIET I have oatmeal with blueberries for my first meal of the day. For lunch, before my workout, I usually have grilled or pan-fried chicken breast with rice. My post-workout meal is salmon with white rice. Dinner, which is my last meal of the day, is sirloin steak with rice. I avoid fried foods and those high in sugar.

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