My Perfect Weekend: Bonding with kids for Lydie Blandeau, founder of Visionairs In Art

Ms Lydie Blandeau is the founder and director of Visionairs in Art, which produced Once Upon A Time On The Orient Express.
Ms Lydie Blandeau is the founder and director of Visionairs in Art, which produced Once Upon A Time On The Orient Express.PHOTO: COURTESY OF LYDIE BLANDEAU

Ms Lydie Blandeau, who is in her 40s, is the founder and producer of Visionairs In Art, the company that manages the exhibition Once Upon A Time On The Orient Express at Gardens by the Bay.

Before coming to Singapore in 2013, the Frenchwoman ran her art gallery in Paris, where she was an agent for artists in Europe and also managed productions for arts and fashion industry events.

She was instrumental in bringing the Orient Express exhibition, which runs till Sept 30, here after its inaugural 2014 run in Paris, arranging high-level talks between the French and Singapore governments since 2015.

My days are usually blurred during the pandemic, with hardly any difference between weekdays and weekends.

I am still searching for a definition of the perfect weekend, but for now, I think one spent bonding with my children fits the bill.

I am a workaholic. My daughters - Appoline, 17, and Liza, 11 - believe my laptop and phone are my next-of- kin.

Although this is not my ideal lifestyle, I have to ensure the smooth running of operations as well as secure future projects, being the founder and producer of the company that manages the Orient Express exhibition. Ironically, I became an entrepreneur thinking I would have more time for my family.

But a visit to Cold Storage and, voila, I am on an instant high, acing the world of grocery shopping, one supermarket at a time.

I recall one day in January when I could take a breather from work after the successful opening of the exhibition.

The weekend started with a dose of vitamin "BBT" - bubble tea in grapefruit flavour with zero sugar.

It was a day when I could channel my inner culinary goddess and superhero mum all at once. I spent the morning shopping for the finest ingredients for my "famous" ricotta basil pasta for my children, after a long hiatus from the kitchen.

It was a day when it seemed time had slowed down, allowing me to shower my attention on my children and get to know them, and also check up on them. Children grow up so fast and just catching up on their fast-paced lives can be quite a feat.

We even managed to squeeze in an outing to watch a foreign film, on the invitation of a good friend.

Outings are now a rarity and, if one does occur, we are cautious about being in crowded places.

Given a choice, I would rather hunker down at home with my loved ones than venture outdoors.