My Perfect Weekend

Studio Juju founder Timo Wong with his son.
Studio Juju founder Timo Wong with his son. PHOTO: TIMO WONG

WHO: Timo Wong, 38, founded Studio Juju in 2009 with his wife Priscilla Lui to practise design across disciplines in furniture, products and spaces.

The studio adopts a fresh and optimistic approach, melding refinement and relevance to each of its projects.

Studio Juju was awarded Designers of the Future by Design Miami/ Basel in 2011, based on a body of work that displayed originality in the creative process as well as a high level of refinement in the finished pieces. In 2014, it received the President's Design Award, the highest recognition for design in Singapore.

As much as I enjoy what I do at work, I look forward to the weekends. My wife and I usually take our three-year-old son Oliver to the beach or park in the mornings, where we can run freely and spend quality time just having fun.

Taking time to play outdoors is important for a child's development - especially in a city like ours, where it is tempting to stay in the air-conditioned indoors all the time.

On some weekends, we visit museums or exhibitions. Even half an hour there is quite a luxury for the both of us, before Oliver starts losing his patience.

He loves eating pasta, so we invariably end up going somewhere for nice Italian food or cooking it ourselves at home.

We hope to create good memories for our son, while also striving to spend quality time with one another outside of work.

We mostly end our weekends with grocery shopping at the supermarkets. We like shopping at Cold Storage or Meidi-Ya. My wife is always on the lookout for a sourdough loaf at the Cold Storagre bakery, as well as fish for little Oliver.

I usually shop for breakfast items and fruit. My son likes sitting in the trolley, and he will navigate the way to his kiddy biscuits and cheese.

Before we had our son, we used to work right through the weekends, where work discussions and living somehow became fused together.

Now, we discuss what has inspired us over the weekend when we are back at the office on Mondays.

While we also try to find time to catch up with our reading over the weekends, it is not easy when our son demands attention.

Only when I became a father three years ago did I realise how precious time really is.

Now, I try to prioritise by reserving time first for the most important people in my life. Only after that do I set aside time for the demands of work.

I know it has been a "perfect" weekend when I am back at work on Mondays, feeling recharged and happy, and when my wife and I recall with laughter what we experienced together."