Design News: Sakura at Gardens by the Bay, Rimowa-Gewa collab and V-Zug’s one-stop experience centre

The Prunus "Umineko" has pure white flowers with delicate pink stamens which become more apparent as the flowers age. PHOTO: GARDENS BY THE BAY

Sakura in full bloom at the Gardens

Gardens by the Bay’s sakura floral display at the Flower Dome is inspired by the idea of travel in Japan.

The eighth edition of the annual festival imagines a scenic train journey across a Japanese landscape with cherry blossoms, torii gates and landmarks such as Mount Fuji. Also featured are scenes such as a lake where deer and cranes gather.

Along the route, visitors will see four ikebana pieces – with cherry blossoms as the main theme – specially created for the display by Ikebana International Singapore (Chapter 135).

There will also be creatures from the Pokemon series interspersed throughout the floral display, a special draw for both children and adults.

Other highlights include a traditional tea ceremony, mochi pounding, and folk dance and musical performances organised in partnership with the Embassy of Japan in Singapore’s Japan Creative Centre.

Info: Go to

German design powerhouses Rimowa and Gewa team up on new Violin Case

Gewa constructed the case’s interiors, integrating its neck pad system with an entirely hand-finished microfibre interior. PHOTO: RIMOWA.COM

German luggage brand Rimowa, famed for its signature aluminium grooves, has teamed up with German heritage brand Gewa, an expert in mechanical-acoustical musical instruments, to create a new travelling companion for violins.

Although Rimowa, which was founded in 1898, launched a number of novelty carrying cases such as its 12-Bottle Case for wine lovers, the latest collaboration sees one of its most distinctive travel accessories yet: a special-edition Violin Case.

Gewa constructed the case’s interiors, integrating its neck pad system with an entirely hand-finished microfibre interior.

The exterior features Rimowa’s signature grooved aluminium silver finish with safety locks and a shoulder strap. It also features a functional hygrometer and humidifier, as well as an interior storage compartment for accessories and a protective blanket for the instrument.

To celebrate the launch, the luxury luggage brand has teamed up with French soloist, recitalist and chamber musician Renaud Capucon.

Capucon uses the case to protect his “Panette Stern”, an instrument built by Guarneri del Gesu, a respected Italian violin-making house that dates back to the early 18th century. There are only about 150 of these violins in the world today.

Info: The Rimowa x Gewa special-edition Violin Case Silver is priced at $5,020 and will be available worldwide in stores and online from Thursday. Visit the Rimowa Store at 01-11 Mandarin Gallery, 333A Orchard Road, or go to

V-Zug Singapore unveils Ion Orchard showroom

V-Zug's new Ion Orchard experience centre. PHOTO: V-ZUG

In 1913, Swiss luxury home appliance brand V-Zug started out as Verzinkerei Zug, churning out galvanised tinware.

But in 1915, it started selling its first high-quality washing machines, which changed the company’s fortunes.

More than a century later, V-Zug is a global brand with a presence in more than 20 countries.

Its new Ion Orchard experience centre features a range of Swiss precision high-tech home appliances, including the Combi-steam V6000 45 oven. It not only bakes using hot air, but also steams food so an extra burst of humidity ensures juicy centres and crispy coatings.

The Warming Drawer V4000, meanwhile, warms up crockery so that dishes and drinks do not cool down too quickly. It can also keep cooked food warm, such as fresh-out-of-the-oven roast meats and pies.

Info: Prices available upon request. Visit the V-Zug Experience Showroom at 02-07B Ion Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, or go to

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