My Perfect Weekend with chef-consultant Jeremy Nguee

Chef-consultant Jeremy Nguee with his wife Shu Min and son, Shane. PHOTO: COURTESY OF JEREMY NGUEE

Who: Chef-consultant Jeremy Nguee, 41, runs food businesses such as online kueh shop Mrs Kueh and spice paste brand Batu Lesung Spice Company. He is married to marketing manager Shu Min, 39, and they have a 10-year-old son, Shane.

“I will never waste weekend mornings and wake up by 5am. I leave the house by 5.30am and usually go cycling for about four hours. If I cycle with my wife on Saturdays, we will ride with our respective groups of friends on Sundays.

The highlight of a ride is making a pit stop at a favourite or new eating place. After burning calories, I’ve earned a more indulgent meal.

I go to Maxwell Food Centre for wonton noodles and appam, or Atlas Coffeehouse in Bukit Timah for strawberry maple pancakes.

For craft beer, I go to Yeast Side bakery at King Albert Park. If we are near Dempsey, I head to The Dempsey Project for coffee and croissants.

This habit started during the pandemic and I’ve been doing it for about a year. It is good to exercise, enjoy nature and spend time with my wife and friends.

With my son, we go to VivoCity to play Pokemon Go. The game offers special features during its Community Days and there will be many people playing as well.

Since we are required to walk to catch the Pokemon, we will walk around the mall and sometimes to Sentosa and back. In this case, device time is not necessarily bad and we have plenty of nerdy fun playing the game together.

While we are there, we will go to one of the cafes like Butter Bean.

On Saturday or Sunday nights, I will host a meal for my friends or family. It can be something simple like steamboat or, for a more elaborate dinner, I will barbecue and smoke meats.

I can be experimental in the kitchen and it is an opportunity to gather my ‘guinea pig’ friends to try my cooking.

My family is very close. Once, on a whim, we gathered our cousins and headed to Marina Barrage to fly kites. This weekend, we will be doing a barbecue at my brother’s home.”

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