On social media

SUN NOT ON BLACKLIST: Singer Stefanie Sun, who was recently rumoured to be blacklisted by the Chinese authorities, held a successful live-stream concert last Thursday. The Singaporean Mandopop star had joined social media platform Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, a few days before the concert.

More than 12 million people viewed the one-hour show, which also garnered 580 million likes. It had been inferred from the performance that the 43-year-old was not blacklisted in China.

Her representative also confirmed last week that the rumours were “fake news” and she was not part of a crackdown against foreign stars.

The entertainment world in China had been rocked recently by stars such as actress Vicki Zhao being blacklisted and fan accounts on Weibo being suspended for what the Chinese authorities deemed “chaotic” behaviour. These included rivalry between fan clubs and extravagant gifts for idols.

Netizens noticed that Sun disabled the gift function on her live stream, which won her praise. The microdonations could have been a lucrative source of income for her, given the millions of views, her large fan base and her popularity after 21 years in the music business.

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