On social media

SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT?: Local actor Elvin Ng has disclosed on social media that there is one way to make him happy.

On Wednesday, Ng, 40, posted on Instagram a photo of himself with veteran actor Li Nanxing, 56, and wrote in Chinese: “When I was young, whenever people said I looked like Big Brother Nanxing, I would say, ‘No lah, where are the similarities?’ But I would then be very pleased and smile happily.”

Some of his celebrity friends reacted to the post, with actor-host Cavin Soh commenting that he looks more handsome, while singer-songwriter Roy Li said both Ng and Li Nanxing are attractive in their own ways.

One netizen commented that Ng and Li look like brothers, while others said they do not see any resemblance between the two.

Li tagged Ng and also shared the same photo on his Instagram. He wrote: “When was the last time we took a photo together? It was a long time ago.”

The two had acted together in the TV series The Ultimatum (2009) and C.L.I.F 4 (2016).

Ng is now working on the upcoming long-form drama The Heartland Hero, while Li will be starring in new drama The Peculiar Pawnbroker.

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