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Malaysian singer Fish Leong (left) and Taiwanese singer Christine Fan.
Malaysian singer Fish Leong (left) and Taiwanese singer Christine Fan. PHOTO: CHRISTINE FAN/INSTAGRAM

HAVE FISH LEONG, CHRISTINE FAN FALLEN OUT?: Are Malaysian singer Fish Leong and Taiwanese singer Christine Fan no longer on talking terms?

The two were known to be good friends, but Leong, 42, is no longer following Fan, 45, on Instagram. Photos of them together are believed to have been deleted from Leong's social media accounts.

However, Fan, also known as Fan Fan, is still following Leong on Instagram and photos of them are still on her accounts.

All this was noted by observant fans after an Instagram Live broadcast hosted by Taiwanese singer Vivian Hsu, 46, on Tuesday.

Leong took part in the session with Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin, 45, and Internet celebrity Nana Master.

Fan was not in the session initially, due to the four-person limit of Instagram Live, but she came on after Leong left the frame.

After a while, Leong said in the comments section that she was coming back, with Fan then offering to leave the session.

Fan has since posted a photo with the English words, "Flow more, force less", on Wednesday. She added the Chinese caption: "I said to myself today, 'Let nature take its course and don't force it.'"

The alleged falling out between the two singers could be traced to August 2019, when there were rumours of Leong ending her nine-year marriage to her then husband, businessman Tony Chao.

Fan seemed to confirm the rumours when she said she knew about their marital woes two years ago, and that Leong and Mr Chao were now only friends.

Fan was slammed by fans for being a big mouth, but Leong posted a photo of them together with the caption: "I have always loved Fan Fan."

Leong confirmed her divorce at a press conference in September 2019. She said last November that she was dating Taiwanese entrepreneur Darwin Lin, but they broke up in February.

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