Music picks: Online shows by bands Shinee and Cosmos People, new EP from singer-rapper Lexie Liu

(Clockwise from left) Lexie Liu, Shinee, Cosmos People.

The Ringtone: Shinee Is Back

Since 2018, we have not had new music from South Korean boy band Shinee, with three of its four members serving in the military.

Soon, that will change as Onew, Minho, and Key - completed their military service last year (in 2020). The last member is Taemin.

On Feb 22, the quartet will release a new album Don't Call Me. On Jan 31, they performed an online broadcast, titled The Ringtone: Shinee Is Back, which lasted more than 1½-hours.

The show opened with the foursome in spiffy suits and doing some impressive chair choreography, to their 2018 song Good Evening. During the show, they also looked back on their journey, and performed Marry You, an upcoming B-side track.

To view a replay of the show on YouTube, go to

Cosmos People Tomorrow Online Concert

Following the cancellation of their three in-person concerts on Jan 23 and 24, Taiwanese band Cosmos People whose three members are FunQ, Jade and A-Kui, performed an online concert on Sunday (Feb 7).

The show, which was held in an indoor venue, opened with their song Uh, which was released in August last year. This wasfollowed by Hello Princess, fromtheir album Right Now (2017).

With four guest stars - entertainers Sabrina Lo, Tsaibrother, Sun Shengxi and Ma Nien-hsien - the two-hour concert breezed by. Watch it on YouTube here.


Gone Gold

Lexie Liu

Rising star Lexie Liu is one to watch. The 22-year-old Chinese singer-rapper came in fourth place in the second season of The Rap Of China competition show. Last month, she released her second EP Gone Gold , which has a couple of standout songs.

The high-energy opening number Algtr deals with technology's ubiquity in the modern world, with razor-sharp lyrics such as: "Is it really real or it's just online?" amid a throbbing dance beat.

House-inspired second track Shadow is also noteworthy, combining heady electronic sounds with a catchy, sultry hook.

But there are also forgettable tracks here, such as Chu Chu and L. The outro track re-uses the beat drop of Algtr but does not really do anything with it, closing the work on a bewildering note.