K-drama actress Seo Yi-sook to take legal action over fake news of her death

Netizens spread false rumours that Seo Yi-sook had died of a heart attack. PHOTO: SEOYISOOK/INSTAGRAM

SEOUL - South Korean actress Seo Yi-sook is planning to take legal action against netizens who spread false rumours that she had died of a heart attack.

The agency of the prolific supporting actress, 54, who has appeared in dramas such as Hotel Del Luna (2019) and The World Of The Married (2020), said it will file a lawsuit on Thursday (Sept 23) when the three-day Chuseok holiday is over.

The agency, Quantum ENM, added: "This is not the first time this has happened. In fact, this is the second time this year alone. As this false news keeps spreading, we will take appropriate measures and sue so that the attackers can be held responsible."

It also said that it did not take legal action the first time as it thought the false rumour would just go away once disproved.

The latest piece of fake news appeared on Monday (Sept 20) on an online community board with the headline: "Exclusive: Actress Seo Yi-sook passed away from a heart attack".

It falsely claimed that Seo had been found dead at her house the day before and was made to look like it was a real news article, complete with a byline for the reporter.

However, the media outlet in question later confirmed that it had not published such an article.

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