Injured Mirror dancer Lee Kai Yin given 5 per cent chance of full recovery

Lee Kai Yin was critically injured during a concert when a 500kg screen crashed down on stage.. PHOTO: MOMO.LKY/INSTAGRAM

HONG KONG - Dancer Lee Kai Yin, who was critically injured during a concert by boy band Mirror when a 500kg screen crashed down on stage, is believed to have a 95 per cent chance of “not fully recovering”, according to his father.

Lee’s dad, Mr Derek Lee Shing Lam, released a statement on Sunday with updates on his 27-year-old son, who has been in the intensive care unit since the accident on July 28.

The dancer-choreographer, also known affectionately as Ah Mo, had three operations and is still on a ventilator, making it difficult for him to communicate.

Mr Lee, a Baptist pastor who migrated to Canada with his wife, said Chinese doctors will try acupuncture treatment this week, but both Western and Chinese doctors believe there is only a slim chance that the vertebrae and sensory nerves can recover and allow him to move again.

When he was given this news, he said: “My heart sank a little. I felt that in people’s eyes, the end is near.” 

“Every time (my wife and I) stand beside Kai Yin’s bed, the bitterness in our hearts is indescribable. Our active son is now helpless on the bed, his line of sight being only the cold ceiling every day,” he wrote.

However, he found strength in the Bible and asked the public to pray for them.

He also expressed gratitude that his son was still alive, adding that the family had grown closer through this difficult time.

The task force investigating the accident revealed last month that several factors were to blame, such as the use of a substandard wire cord, a weight error involving the screen, an incorrectly installed rope guard and a snapped screw.

According to an insider, who spoke to Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post, the declared weight of the LED screen was less than half of the actual 500kg.

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