Huang Biren's image misused in fake ads for underwear

Veteran actress Huang Biren has spoken out against fake advertisements for tummy-control underwear which had used her name and photo.

The 52-year-old posted a warning on Sunday on Instagram, saying: "It's fake. Please help inform your friends and contacts to avoid them being tricked."

She included a screenshot of the fake ad, which had been posted with photos of her taken from her Instagram account as well as product shots of the underwear.

The accompanying copy appeared to imply that fellow Singaporean actress Chen Liping - simply named Liping in the ad - had sent them to her.

Her followers wrote in the comments to say they had reported the fake ad.

Her celebrity pal Thomas Ong jokingly commented: "Sister, when did you start selling this?"

She replied: "Aiyoh. Brother, your powers of comprehension are starting to show signs of deterioration."

Referring to a photo the 52-year-old had recently posted of himself at the wheel of a boat, she added: "Concentrate on steering your boat, don't be distracted. I'm waiting for you to buy me something delicious to eat."

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