Hins Cheung first to perform live at Hong Kong Coliseum amid pandemic

Hong Kong singer Hins Cheung performed to an audience of 6,000 on Sunday.
Hong Kong singer Hins Cheung performed to an audience of 6,000 on Sunday.PHOTO: HINS CHEUNG/INSTAGRAM

After several setbacks, Hong Kong singer Hins Cheung on Sunday became the first singer to perform at the Hong Kong Coliseum with a live audience during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

It was also the first major concert held at the venue since Taiwanese crooner Fei Yu-ching's farewell concert last November.

Hong Kong singer Eason Chan held a charity concert there in July, but there were no fans present and it was streamed online.

Cheung, 39, was initially scheduled to hold his concert last November, but it was postponed due to protests in Hong Kong.

He succeeded in application in March to hold his concert this month, but the recent spike in Covid-19 cases in Hong Kong caused some uncertainty.

Eventually, the concert went ahead on Sunday after the organisers stepped up prevention measures inside and outside the venue.

The number of fans allowed into the indoor arena, which has a capacity of 12,500, was more than halved to 6,000, with physical distancing mandated between groups in the stadium.

All fans who attended the concert were required to wear face masks and they had to use hand sanitiser and have their temperatures checked before entering the arena.

The concert kicked off at 8.30pm, with Cheung first playing a staff member in a video reminding audiences of Covid-19 measures and safety routes in case of emergency.

After a performance by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Cheung then appeared in person to perform the song Ardently Love.

He thanked fans for attending his concert. In the past, he said, he would have been unhappy to see the stadium only half-full, but in this pandemic, he was grateful to all fans willing to come to his concerts.

Later in the concert, he also performed other songs such as Rave, Spring And Autumn and What Hurts A Man.

Several of his celebrity friends were in attendance, including Emperor Group chairman Albert Yeung, singers Charlene Choi and Kenny Kwan, actress Catherine Chau and singer-actor Deep Ng.

Cheung's concert will be on till next Sunday.

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