Former Channel 8 star Hugo Ng posts photos of his past acting roles

Hugo Ng is currently based in Hong Kong. PHOTOS: WEIBO

SINGAPORE - Former Channel 8 star Hugo Ng was a marquee name in Singapore in the 1980s before he went to Hong Kong in 1987 to further his acting career.

The Singapore actor, who is currently based in Hong Kong, revived fans' memories when he posted on Weibo a composite photo showing him in 50 acting roles throughout the years.

Ng, 61, had first posted a photo of his teenage self with a group of friends, writing: "This picture was taken during my first job as an office boy when I was about 15 years old. Bell-bottoms and high shoes were popular then.

"Time flies, and it felt like only yesterday when we looked back in time. What will you say to your younger self if you are given one minute to do so? I wonder if my younger self will understand me if I talk to him now."

Ng, who recently acted in the well-received TVB drama The Dripping Sauce (2020), started the composite photo with one of his first acting roles in the famous local drama The Awakening 2 (1984), which starred the late Huang Wenyong and Xiang Yun.

Next, Ng posted photos of himself in then Singapore Broadcasting Corporation television serials such as Pursuit (1984), Takeover (1985) and Men Of Valour (1986).

He also included roles in Chinese dramas such as Beauties At The Crossfire (2013) and The Demi-Gods And Semi-Devils (2013 to 2014), another TV adaptation of the late Louis Cha's martial arts novel of the same name.

Ng, who is part of the Hong Kong All Star soccer team, is married to actress Lily Chung, 51, with a son, 23.

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