Film Picks: Falling, Israel Virtual Film Festival, and more

Stills from the short film The Kitchlets. PHOTO: VIDDSEE
Stills from the film Falling starring Viggo Mortensen and and Lance Henriksen (above). PHOTO: SHAW ORGANISATION

Falling (R21, 113 minutes, opens Nov 26, 4 stars)

With this film, Viggo Mortensen, the Danish-American actor, poet, painter and publisher, adds screenwriter, director and soundtrack musician to his lengthy resume.

Luckily, the work bears no trace of a man who has spread himself thinly - this work is a mature exploration of the complexities involved in taking care of an elderly person who is hard to love.

Lance Henriksen, the 80-year-old actor who broke through as the android Bishop in the science-fiction thriller Aliens (1986), is terrifying as Willis, a farmer stricken with dementia.

His son John (Mortensen) has taken him into the home he shares with husband Eric (Terry Chen) and daughter Monica (Gabby Velis).

Mortensen has created a memorable villain in Willis, a flinty individualist who has alienated anyone who ever cared for him. He would be easy to hate if not for Henriksen giving glimpses of the frightened, fragile man beneath.

Viddsee Juree Awards Singapore 2020

Stills from the short film The Kitchlets. PHOTO: VIDDSEE

Short video site Viddsee gave the animation piece The Kitchlets the Gold award at the recent Juree Awards, its annual national short films competition.

Made by Singaporean Clarisse Chua, it tells the story of Mina, a single woman whose flat is shared with house spirits, the Kitchlets. When she is happy, they are nourished by her positive emotions. But when she is down, they starve.

Chua studied character animation at the California Institute of The Arts and is now a story artist at Skydance Animation.

Watch all nominated and other out-of-competition films for free at this website.

28th Israel Virtual Film Festival

Stills from the film Peaches And Cream, starring Gur Bentwich (above). PHOTO: ISRAEL FILM FESTIVAL 2020

This year's edition of this long-running festival is going online with free viewing.

One highlight is the drama-comedy Peaches And Cream (NC16, 92 minutes, 2019), which was written, directed by and stars Gur Bentwich. He plays Zuri, a once-important film-maker plagued by doubt on the opening night of his new picture.

Over the course of a night, the panic-stricken artist ricochets across the city, seeking love and affirmation from friends, lovers and bewildered strangers.

Log in and watch soon from Dec 3, as the films can be streamed only a limited number of times.

Where: The Projector Plus

When: Dec 3 to 13

Admission: Free with account setup at this website.

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