Bullying saga: What happened between actors Elvin Ng and Angel Lim on set

Local actor Elvin Ng has disclosed what happened between him and actress Angel Lim on the set of television series Heart To Heart. PHOTOS: ELVIN NG/INSTAGRAM, ANGEL LIM/INSTAGRAM

SINGAPORE - Local actor Elvin Ng has disclosed what happened between him and actress Angel Lim on the set of television series Heart To Heart (2018 to 2019). Her boss, NoonTalk Media co-founder Dasmond Koh, had hinted at an unpleasant incident between the two.

In a recent online show by broadcaster Mediacorp, Ng said: "At that point, we were filming a romantic scene. We were filming my expressions first and she was supposed to be reacting to my acting off-camera. And then we would film her expressions."

Ng, 40, said Lim, 23, did not do so.

"You can't be like this, you have to be professional. You can't just do one thing while they're filming me, and another thing when it's your turn to film," he said on the show.

Ng admitted that he was upset at that time. He said he had spoken to Koh, 49, after the latter's social media post went viral and thought everything was fine after that.

However, Ng took issue with Koh telling the media later that "Ng does not want to talk more about it".

Ng said everyone makes mistakes and the three of them could have handled things better.

He said perhaps he was a little too rash then, while also asking whether it was the wisest choice for "the other party to choose such a move", likely referring to Koh making public the incident on social media.

Koh told Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao: "I agree that everyone has his or her own different view and everyone can do better in future."

Lim has also reacted to the incident. She wrote in Chinese on social media: "When I was filming the scene that day, I used my own understanding of it at first.

"When it was my turn to be filmed, I realised what I had to do exactly after the director's explanation."

She attributed the discrepancy to her lack of acting experience.

The series of bullying allegations started when Ng told TV host Guo Liang on a talk show that he had been bullied by a Taiwanese co-star in a TV series. The Taiwanese actor was later identified by the media as Patrick Lee, who denied the allegations.

Separately, Ng posted a photo of him with actor Shane Pow, whose contract with Mediacorp has been terminated after he was charged with drink driving last month.

Ng said they had filmed their last scene for upcoming series The Heartland Hero together and that Pow, 30, had been a pleasure to work with. "You're one of the easiest actors to work with, relaxed, adaptable and flexible, always light and in good cheer."

He added: "Will be missing you for sure, and looking forward to when our show airs in July. Take care for now."

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