Actress Chantalle Ng jumped at chance to sing in drama Live Your Dreams

Chantalle Ng almost did not get the chance to perform the songs in the show herself.
Chantalle Ng almost did not get the chance to perform the songs in the show herself.PHOTO: LIANHE ZAOBAO

SINGAPORE - Home-grown actress Chantalle Ng plays a girl who loves to sing but speaks with a stutter in Live Your Dreams, which is currently showing on Channel 8.

The new drama series tells the story of eight girls who are training to form a new girl group, Dada Dream. It also features actors such as Qi Yuwu, Sheila Sim, Zhang Yaodong and Tasha Low.

But Ng almost did not get the chance to perform the songs in the show herself. The show's producer had at first suggested arranging for someone to sing on her behalf.

"I offered to perform the songs myself as it is a rare opportunity after all," the 26-year-old was quoted by Lianhe Wanbao as saying.

The producer then took her to well-known local musician Lee Wei Song and asked her to try singing Stefanie Sun's Cloudy Day and take a few lessons from Lee.

Cloudy Day was one of the songs featured in Live Your Dreams, and Lee served as music director for the drama.

Ng said she attended Lee's three lessons "nervously and with hands trembling" before she got the nod from him, and the producer agreed to let her perform the songs herself.

Ng said she was very happy that she can play a singer and perform the songs in the show. She added that she has long wished to become a singer as she is inspired by her idol, Malaysian singer Fish Leong.

"I was not nervous and very excited when I recorded the songs, as it felt like a dream come true," said the actress who won kudos earlier this year for her role as a Vietnamese bride in the TV series My Star Bride.

Ng said she will follow the style of Ella Chen of Taiwanese girl group S.H.E if she has the chance to become a singer.

"I think I'm more like Ella," says Ng, who adds that Chen is known for being funny as well as for acquitting herself well in acting roles.

Lee, who has written three new songs for the show, recorded the songs for Ng and other cast members.

He told Wanbao that Ng is "very hardworking and her singing sounds like that of the girl next door", adding that "everyone can feel the sunshine from her".

Lee also disclosed that Ng's mother, veteran actress Lin Meijiao, visited the recording studio often to give her daughter honey.