Actress Carrie Wong's boyfriend rumoured to be dating Taiwanese actress

Lorene Jen (right) has reportedly been cosying up to Carrie Wong's boyfriend Boris Lin.
Lorene Jen (right) has reportedly been cosying up to Carrie Wong's boyfriend Boris Lin.PHOTOS: INSTAGRAM

SINGAPORE - Taiwanese girl group S.H.E member Selina Jen's younger sister - actress Lorene Jen - has reportedly been cosying up to Boris Lin - Mediacorp actress Carrie Wong's boyfriend.

According to Taiwanese press reports, the younger Jen, 32, had accompanied her parents and elder sister to S.H.E member Ella Chen's concert last month.

After the show, she was photographed getting sent home by Lin, who reportedly stayed the night.

Lin has not responded to the dating rumours but Jen told the Taiwanese media through her manager: “We’re friends who are getting to know each other right now.”

Lin is a former Taiwanese model who used to be with the modelling agency Catwalk. He has since left the entertainment industry and is better known in Singapore as Wong's boyfriend. The couple went public with their relationship on Valentine's Day last year.

There is speculation that Wong, 26, may have broken up with Lin.

When Chinese news outlet Shin Min Daily News approached Wong's manager with news of Lin and Jen and asked if she was still dating Lin, Wong replied through her manager: "No comment."

Shin Min had reported in July that Wong and Lin seemed to have deleted most photographs of the two of them together.

There is currently no trace of Lin found on Wong's Instagram account. She can still be seen with friends in some pictures on his account - though there are no longer pictures of the couple alone.

In a series of photographs Lin uploaded during his birthday in July, Jen is among a large group of friends in the first picture. Wong can be seen in another group in the third picture. It is not clear when the photos were taken.

This is not the first time that Lin's love life has been the subject of attention.

He became embroiled in a scandal last year when private texts of a sexually explicit and flirtatious nature between Wong and fellow Mediacorp actor Ian Fang were leaked.

At the time, Wong and Lin were an item and Fang had long been linked to another Mediacorp actress, Rebecca Lim.

At the time of the scandal last year, Carrie Wong (far left) and Boris Lin were an item and Ian Fang had long been linked to Rebecca Lim. PHOTOS: INSTAGRAM

Lin stood by Wong after the incident, saying that she did "nothing wrong", going so far as to lambast Fang for "acting innocent and pitiful" before the media.