Arts picks: Solve a virtual murder mystery, catch a VR show, and more

Presented by Sight Lines Entertainment, it is the sequel to Mandai Camp: A Supernatural Murder Mystery. PHOTO: SIGHT LINES ENTERTAINMENT

Fan Chang Tien: Gardener of Ink Art

Bamboo, birds, flowers and landscapes feature in this showcase of paintings by the late ink artist Fan Chang Tien. The 40 works on display, created between 1955 and 1986, exemplify the artist's mastery of his craft.

More than half of these paintings are being exhibited for the first time, such as Five Cranes Amidst Pine Grove, Three Fish With Kapok Flowers (1955), and Six Mynahs and Cannas Flower (1964).

Fan was born in China in 1907 and graduated from Shanghai's Xinhua Academy of Fine Arts and Changming Art Academy. In 1947, he migrated to Bangkok before moving to Singapore in 1956.

Last year (2019), his works were exhibited at the China International Cultural Exchange Centre in Beijing.

Paintings by the late Fan Chang Tien. PHOTO: COURTESY OF MING LIU ART

WHERE: Ming Liu Art, 19 Tanglin Road, 03-33 Tanglin Shopping Centre; online at

WHEN: Till Dec 28, 11.30am to 6.30pm daily


INFO: Ming Liu Art's website

Murder at Mandai Camp: The Case Reopens

In this virtual "horror-mystery escape room" experience, audience members play detective, sifting through evidence to solve the murder of a young army recruit.

Inside an investigator's office, participants explore clues, videos and flashbacks presented in 360-degree format with spatial audio surround sound technology.

The story by playwright-director Chong Tze Chien unfolds in a non-linear format, with the flow of events determined by the viewer.

Presented by Sight Lines Entertainment, it is the sequel to Mandai Camp: A Supernatural Murder Mystery, which ran in June.

Erwin Shah Ismail starring as Lieutenant Haziq. PHOTO: SIGHT LINES ENTERTAINMENT

The cast are Erwin Shah Ismail, Bright Ong, Irsyad Dawood, Ronald Goh, Benjamin Kheng and Jo Kwek.

Viewers who manage to gather all the key evidence and identify the culprit stand to win $1,000 in a mystery draw.

WHERE: Online

WHEN: Dec 22 to Jan 2. On demand between 8pm and 4am

ADMISSION: $20 via Sistic (excluding booking fees)

INFO: Sistic's website. For audiences aged 18 and above


PheNoumenon premiered at the Esplanade last December (2019). PHOTO: BERNIE NG

Put on a pair of virtual reality (VR) headsets and immerse yourself in this dance show, which questions the future of what it means to live as a human.

PheNoumenon premiered at the Esplanade in December last year.

It was filmed with a 360-degree camera last October in collaboration with media tech firm Hiverlab. This immersive edition is the contemporary dance group's first foray into VR.

The work responds to troubling phenomena, from viruses to the climate crisis. It is performed by six dancers dressed in bright orange costumes and features original music by sound artist Kent Lee.

WHERE: T.H.E Dance Company, Block M, 01-51, Goodman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Road

WHEN: Dec 19 to 31. Go to website for available slots

ADMISSION: $24 (full experience of about 1 hour 40 minutes, including breaks); $8 (10-minute excerpt)

INFO: Book slots here. Open to those aged 13 and above

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