5-minute makeover: Cover your roots quickly and easily with non-drip DIY hair colour

With Bigen Speedy hair dye, you won’t need to bother with getting an appointment at the salon to get great hair


Chinese New Year is fast approaching and you’re too busy to pop into the salon for a root touch-up. You’ve always shied away from colouring your greys at home because you hate making a mess, or are worried about the uneven results.

Worry no more. With Japanese hair colouring brand Bigen Speedy, you’ll be able to get a healthy-looking head of hair in just minutes.

Distributed in Singapore since 1989, the popular brand ensures that you can do-it-yourself (DIY) effortlessly and, like its name suggests, speedily.

The reason? Depending on the colour that you pick, the brand’s hair dyes take anywhere from just five to 10 minutes to take effect. The eight shades in the range are generally dark, including the perennial favourite black 881. For something different, try 865, 875 or 885 which imparts a subtle red hue, or 855 with a slightly purplish tone.

Even if you have never attempted to cover your greys at home, rest assured that Bigen Speedy keeps things simple in only five steps.


All you have to do is slip on the disposable gloves that come in every Bigen Speedy box and apply the non-drip (hence, mess-free) cream colourant and cream developer on the provided applicator comb. These are packaged separately in two tubes so that you can use as little or as much as you like and keep the remainder for the next DIY session. In this way, there is no wastage, which makes sense because you do not need a lot of product to touch up greying roots, for instance.

Even better, the cream colourant and cream developer do not have to be mixed in a bottle or bowl – great for amateurs or those in a hurry. You only need to comb the mixture evenly through dry hair, starting from the area with the most greys and ensuring that every strand is well covered.

Leave this on for the recommended time for the colour to develop before rinsing it out until the water runs clear. Lastly, follow up with your usual shampoo and conditioner. 

Bigen Speedy fans may also notice that the box packaging has gone through a design makeover but the formula of the product remains the same. For instance, Bigen Speedy still uses taurine, a colour-lasting agent which helps keep hair vibrant for longer.

Besides covering your greys, Bigen Speedy also works to protect it. Its formula includes six natural herbal extracts – balm mint, fennel, hops, chamomile, mistletoe and yarrow – to keep your hair soft, smooth and shiny after colouring.

Best of all, because Bigen Speedy works so quickly, you can refresh your hair colour even when there’s an impromptu get-together or last-minute visitors.

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