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3 things to note about bond investments

It is a horrible time for stocks, which have spent the year in a bear market. But guess what? When you look at the historical record, bonds are worse.

Me & My Money: Investing long-term, with liquid funds for protection

Money was so tight when finance sector executive Wildon Goh was growing up that the family often did not have enough to buy textbooks for the new school year so that meant spending hours in the school library catching up on homework.

Save 50% of salary to retire by 50

Although Dr Devangi Patel, 33, has been working for only two years, her goal is to be able to walk away from her job at 50.

4 tips to help you avoid big investment losses

A sad but actual fact about investments is that when people start to lose money, they often like to blame just about everyone else but themselves.


askST Jobs: How do I convince the company to let me continue working remotely?

Employees who make such a request should ensure they have a list of reasons that clearly show how it would benefit their productivity.

askST Jobs: I want a transfer to another department in my firm. How should I tell my boss?

You need to ensure your current supervisor will not be left in the lurch by identifying alternative arrangements.

ST HeadSTart: Does working overtime mean I’m inefficient? | Why we should talk about pay

Guilt from not being at the office is one reason why you might be putting in long hours at home.