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Indonesia court upholds President Joko's victory in April election

The Constitutional Court in Jakarta cited a lack of evidence in dismissing Prabowo Subianto's petition.

Indonesia's police reveal murder plots targeting state officials

JAKARTA - Indonesia's national police have named six new suspects linked to the violence in Jakarta last week, including three of whom were paid to kill high-profile state officials.

Indonesia election: Prabowo, Sandiaga file challenge against results

Presidential hopeful Prabowo Subianto and his running mate Sandiaga Uno yesterday filed a petition with Indonesia's Constitutional Court, setting in motion their legal challenge to the election results announced last Tuesday.

Indonesia lifts social media curbs targeting hoaxes during unrest

JAKARTA • Indonesia yesterday lifted temporary social media restrictions imposed to stop online hoaxes when violence erupted after the announcement of official election results last week.

Calm returns to Jakarta after deadly riots

Indonesia's capital city was calm yesterday, after two days of riots over the presidential election results, but with police visibly guarding key government buildings and intersections.


Jokowi now needs to reunite Indonesia after divisive elections

Mr Joko can expect stronger support in the House, which would enable him to push through new legislation to support his reform agenda with relative ease, says ST Indonesia bureau chief Francis Chan.

The long and short of Indonesia and India’s elections

India's Election Commission (EC) has a stellar reputation for impartially running the world's biggest democratic exercise. For this year's general election, it has to oversee a process involving 900 million eligible voters, one million polling booths, over 11 million election officials and 2.3 million electronic voting machines. In addition, around 2,000 political parties were in the election fray.

Fraud claims, deaths cloud Indonesia's mammoth elections

The relative success of Indonesia's first simultaneous presidential and legislative elections - the world's most complicated single-day polls - has been marred by allegations of fraud by the opposition, and the deaths of hundreds of overworked election officers.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo landing in the "triangle area" of Central Kalimantan yesterday, which is being evaluated as a potential location for the country's new capital.
Jokowi consolidating support for 2nd term

Two weeks after Indonesians went to the polls on April 17, President Joko Widodo received a special guest at Istana Merdeka.

Jokowi's re-election would be vote for continuity

Incumbent Indonesian leader Joko Widodo looks set to return to office. It looks increasingly likely the General Elections Commission, which oversaw the presidential election on April 17, will declare him the winner by May 22. Mr Joko's victory represents a victory for the country as a whole.


Out for the count: Indonesian election rivals in war of words over result

It has been more than a week since the presidential polls in Indonesia closed on April 17, but the bitter exchange between the two rival camps over the veracity of the electoral process continues. The Straits Times Indonesia Bureau Chief Francis Chan, explains the key elements of this political storm, which shows no sign of abating.

Indonesia election: What happened on April 17 and what's next

It has been a whirlwind few days since Indonesia pulled off its first simultaneous presidential and legislative elections. The Straits Times looks at how the historic April 17 polls turned out and what comes next.

Interactive: Indonesia's presidential rematch

President Joko Widodo faces old rival Prabowo Subianto in the April 17 polls. Find out what is at stake in this election.


Turning campaign materials into fashion statements

Indonesia's presidential and legislative elections on April 17 produced massive waste nationwide as party flags, posters and T-shirts were mostly cast aside after the vote.

Excitement and fun in Indonesia's democracy fiesta

It looked like a haunted house straight out of an amusement park: Blood-stained sheets, makeshift graves and rows of ghastly faces painted white.

'It's an economic referendum', says Indonesia's V-P candidate Sandiaga Uno

Mr Sandiaga believes jobs and the cost of living are the key issues in the presidential election.