What readers are talking about this week

The hot topic this week was consumer issues, whether it was readers giving their input over the proposals to strengthen the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act or expressing their disappointment at famous bakery chain BreadTalk over its selling of Yeo's soya bean milk in bottles labelled "freshly made" at high prices.

Mr Marco Low Choon Zhu wants to see a single government agency in charge of consumer protection, a duty currently shared by multiple agencies. Mr Paul Chan Poh Hoi believes the authorities should put the onus on retailers to fulfil their obligations with regard to product warranty. Mr Tan Chak Lim takes issue with advertisements of sales that never end.

Mr Terence Lim asserts that consumers have the right to be free of unsolicited fliers. As for BreadTalk, Mr Daniel Chan Wai Piew sums up the opinion of the readers who wrote in regarding the issue with his letter that called on the authorities to take the company to task for misleading its customers.   

Here are some of the letters:

Tackle errant advertising of the never-ending sale

Onus must be on retailers to fulfil obligations

Residents have right to be free of unsolicited fliers

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Taking photos of customer: SingPost replies

BreadTalk's actions hurt its reputation

Soya milk 'mistake' a serious matter

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