What readers are talking about this week

With the looming general election, this week saw many readers writing in on various aspects of the coming vote. Mr Heng Cho Choon believes it's time to introduce online voting, which would help reduce costs and speed up the counting process.

Mr Jeffrey Law Lee Beng is confident that Singaporeans will accept a non-Chinese prime minister soon.

Mr Tong Hsien-Hui says that as each political party stands for its own set of values and objectives, the opposition's strategy of avoiding three-cornered fights is a disservice to voters, as they are a discerning lot.

Mr Francis Cheng wants the voting age to be lowered from 21 to 18, a move he says would help to engage the country's youth in politics.

Here are some of the letters:

Set aside space for seniors at rallies

Time for online voting in the Internet age

Singaporeans can accept a non-Chinese PM

Why avoid three-cornered contests?

Lower voting age to engage our youth in politics

Parties shouldn't hold back in the name of cooperation

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