What readers are talking about this week

The Asean Para Games inspired readers this week, with several writing in to express awe and respect for the athletes' grit, determination and fighting spirit, despite their disabilities.

Mr S. B. Sivaganesh said it was important that "our children... see our athletes' endeavours and performances, hear their stories and understand the true human spirit that transcends disability".

Miss Grace Tan Meiyi said that as a teacher and mother, she was glad for the chance to talk to her students and children about important values such as resilience, perseverance and hard work, and that the Asean Para Games were a good opportunity to teach children that they didn't have to be perfect, as long as they tried their best.

Ms Eileen Ng found that of all the activities she had taken her children to during the holidays, the one day spent at the Asean Para Games was the most enjoyable and meaningful.

Here are some of the letters:

Good showing at Asean Para Games
A proud year for Team Singapore
Impressive display of guts and skill
Para Games a chance to impart values
All winners at Asean Para Games

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